Speed Controls

Universal Speed Controller (USC)

The Price Universal Speed Controller provides variable speed control of permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors used in Price terminal units.
The USC is a solid state device with integral heat sink/mounting plate. This results in a long life component that is easy to install.

There are is a total of four models of USC.
  • 115 VAC 8 amps maximum load
  • 115 VAC 15 amps maximum load (large finned heat sink)
  • 277 VAC 8 amps maximum load (same size as 115 VAC 8 amps model but with different label)
  • 277 VAC 10 amps maximum load (large finned heat sink)
The connection is 2-wire (no-polarity). The USC is connected in series with one of the motor lines. (Typically the hot.)

The air flow sensor responds to radiant heat of the heating element which, in turn, is influenced by the air flowing through the heater to dissipate the heat. The patented air flow sensor and associated electronic
When measuring the voltage output from the speed controller you must use a TRUERMS volt-meter. A non TRUE-RMS voltmeter will give inaccurate readings due to the shape of the AC waveform coming from the electronic speed controller.
It is not recommended to change the minimum adjust dial since running the motor at lower speed may reduce its life due to overheating the windings and stressing the shaft bearings. (Low RPM prevents lubrication of the bearings.)
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