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The Prodigy® self-modulating diffuser series has been designed to address many of the problems common to today’s conventional HVAC systems. Most traditional approaches group rooms with similar load characteristics together to form zones. As these zones are created, multiple work spaces are controlled by a single thermostat. “Thermostat wars” ensue as occupants attempt to adjust the thermostat to their level of comfort. Complaints from occupants who are “too hot” or “too cold” are common. Often, the system works at capacity to satisfy that one occupant who represents the “worst case” within that zone.
The Prodigy® enhances traditional system design by adding the element of personal control. A room temperature sensor provides constant feedback to the microprocessor controller located in the diffuser, enabling precise monitoring of the space temperature.
As room load varies, the Prodigy® compensates by controlling the flow of supply air into the space. A superior cone design maintains air performance characteristics throughout the performance range. Diffuser response is controlled through advanced PI control algorithms. Modulation is precise and proportionate to the requirements of the space and occupant.
The actuator mechanism features a high-torque, low voltage motor, which offers immediate response that is superior to the sluggish response and delayed action common to thermally activated expansion devices. A supply air temperature sensor provides automatic heating / cooling changeover. An output is available to activate supplemental perimeter heating devices if required.
Three models are available with convenient set-point adjustment at the diffuser, a wall mounted thermostat or a handheld remote. A BACnet interface option allows Prodigy master units to connect to a MS/TP network. This allows the Prodigy master to share information with the building automation system.
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