Wireless Thermostat

Product Overview

Occasionally an installation arises where running CAT5 and other wiring is inconvenient or even impossible. For jobs such as these, Price is proud to introduce its Wireless thermostat. Using cutting edge wireless technology, a base station mounted under the floor or in the ceiling communicates with a battery powered remote thermostat up to 50 ft away. The thermostat also contains a temperature sensor, which is linked to the base through the wireless connection as well. The remote unit requires no wiring whatsoever, making the Price Wireless Thermostat kit quick and easy to install.
What’s included?
The Price Wireless Thermostat Kit comes with everything you need to get set up. Included in the kit are:
  • Price Wireless Base Module
  • Price Wireless Remote Thermostat
  • A CAT5 data cable to connect the base module to your choice of controller. (PIC, Prodigy, etc)
  • Mounting bracket for overhead applications and accessory basket for Underfloor applications.
Easy Installation
The back plate of the wireless remote thermostat can be removed and installed wherever it is most convenient. Avoid positioning on an outside wall, and mount away from metal to achieve maximum signal strength. For overhead applications the base module can be mounted directly to metal ductwork using the supplied mounting bracket for Underfloor applications use the included accessory basket for base module mounting. Price recommends mounting the accessory basket near or on top of the UMC3 or UMCB controller for easy future access. Ensure the dipswitches on both the base and remote units are set to the same positions, and lock the thermostats using the supplied set screws. For reliable operation, signal strength should be 10% or higher.
For the wireless remote thermostat please use only double A lithium batteries.
The LCD screen on the base station displays a wealth of useful information related to the operation of the wireless link:
  • Signal Strength (Ranges from 0-100%)
  • Battery level (Ranges from 0, indicating dead batteries, to 5, indicating fully charged batteries)
  • Current Room temperature
  • Current temperature set point
    All of the above variables are available for viewing through the BACNET Protocol as well.
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