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Price Controls Field Programmer

When bootloading a controller is not possible it can still be re-programmed in the field using a portable device. Price has developed a small hand held programmer that can load a new program into DDC controls. This device must be plugged directly into the FLASH programming jack of the DDC controller.
The Price Field Programmer will typically not require an external power source and can liberate power from its target circuit board. Indicator LED”s show the user the status of the programming and whether it was successful or not.
Most modern microcontrollers that run the software program/code are good for several thousand write or FLASH program cycles. Therefore there is no concern of 'wearing' out the main microcontroller with field updates. Also the code is stored in non volatile electrically erasable memory that does not require power to maintain its state. Therefore power failures will not affect any code in the controller.
This service tool is available to Price representatives when required to update a jobsite. Please contact application engineering to verify your jobsites compatibility.


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