PRTU Series


Price's second-generation digital rooftop unit Controller
The new Price Rooftop Unit Controller (PRTU) is an advanced proportional integral (PI) digital controller that offers state of the art control of a packaged rooftop unit. Multiple pre-programmed and pre-tested control strategies are available for an easy to install and reliable system package. Networked with PIC or Price Prodigy Smart Diffuser (PPD), the system can determine the load of each zone and intelligently control the main packaged rooftop controller unit. The PRTU has been designed to support a large number of inputs and outputs and is fully configurable using the LCD thermostat.
A web server option allows graphical monitoring and configuration using any PC with a web browser and the Adobe flash plug in.
The Price Rooftop Unit Controller (PRTU) System is a reliable and technologically advanced system that provides occupant comfort and energy savings throughout an entire facility.
System Overview
  • Can interface with virtually any packaged rooftop unit including Carrier, Lennox and Trane to control the cooling, heating stages as well as the fan operation.
  • Up to 30 zones per Rooftop Controller
  • Multiple inputs and outputs (both binary and analog) allow for a flexible and powerful system controller.
  • Uses the ASHRAE standard BACnet for 2 way communication between the Rooftop Unit Controller and PIC zone controllers or Prodigy smart diffuser with BACnet option.
  • Optional web server provides graphical front end for customers and maintenance personnel.

  • VAV (Pressure Independent) Zone Control The new PRTU is designed to communicate with the Price Intelligent Controller (PIC) to provide the customer with a complete system package with pressure independent VAV control of each zone. The benefits of a VAV pressure independent system are tighter room temperature control through the precise control of air flow to each zone. This will also produce energy savings since air flows will be controlled to exactly the amount required, and there will be no overshooting.
    VVT (Pressure Dependent) Zone Control

    The new PRTU can also function with the Prodigy Smart Diffuser to provide the customer with excellent zone control.
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