CP101/CP100/CP200 Controller

Controller Types

CP101 Controller
CP101 Controller The CP101 pneumatic velocity controller is the most versatile pneumatic controller available. This unique controller maintains the air flow dictated by the thermostat while compensating for changes in duct static pressure. The air flow control is pressure independent. Factory calibrated to the specified maximum and minimum air volumes, the CP101 can be easily adjusted in the field. Note that field adjustment is required only when operating conditions change - not as a maintenance procedure.
  • Provides accurate control over a duct velocity range of 0 - 3000 fpm.
  • Operates at low system pressures.
  • Completely pressure independent.
  • Adjustable maximum and minimum air volume settings easily field adjusted if required.
  • Reset span remains constant regardless of maximum and minimum air volume adjustments.
  • Provides constant 5 psi reset span as per standard factory calibration.
  • Has adjustable start point for reset span to accommodate auxiliaries such as reheat coils.
  • Includes option to expand reset span to 10 psi to accommodate most thermostats (see notes).
  • Adjustable to accommodate either direct acting or reverse acting thermostats. Also settings for either normally open or normally closed damper operation without added control components (see notes).
  • Mounted face down as standard. All adjustments and tubing connections are directly accessible through a ceiling opening.
  • Air volume adjustment knobs include slots to allow screwdriver adjustment.
  • Models with normally open dampers can be programmed for early morning warm up or cool down.
  • Operates on 15 - 25 psig main air source of clean, dry air (see notes).
  • Control air consumption no more than 0.017 cfm.
1. For a constant 10 psig reset span, the control system main air source must be maintained at a minimum of 20 psig.
2. Damper actuator will require relocation to reverse damper rotation if changing from normally open to normally closed or vice versa.

3. Price cannot warrant against oil, water or other contaminants that may occur in the main control air. Neither can Price warrant against inadvertent exposure to main control pressures in excess of 25 psig as qualified above.
CP100 or CP200 Controller
For applications less demanding than those where the CP101 controller is required, the lower priced CP100 or CP200 can be furnished.
Operation is completely pressure independent, with adjustable maximum and minimum air volume settings. Both the CP100 and CP200 controllers feature a constant reset start point at 8 psi. The direct acting CP100 operates from 8 psi to 13 psi. The reverse acting CP200 operates from 8 psi down to 3 psi.
The available reset span will be governed by the point of selection of the terminal unit from the performance table. The full 5 psi reset span is obtained only when the maximum air volume is set at 100% of the terminal unit capability. 100% capability is defined as the air volume when the terminal inlet velocity is 3000 fpm.
While the start point is fixed at 8 psi, the span shifts as the maximum air volume setting is adjusted to values that are less than 100%. The conservative selection of terminal units will result in reset spans that are significantly reduced from the nominal 5 psi. For example, a maximum air volume selection made at 60% capability (1800 fpm inlet velocity) will result in a reset span in the order of 1.7 psi. More conservative selections will result in reset spans that approach a simple on/off operation.
To minimize the outlined concerns with the CP100 or CP200 controllers, terminal unit selections should be made from the upper 25% of the performance range. To eliminate these concerns completely, consider the more versatile CP101 controllers as described earlier on this page.
Performance characteristics of the CP100 controller are illustrated on page F15, Manufacturer C.
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