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Electronic Heating Controls

The Price Silent Guard Heater Control Module provides efficient operation of duct heaters with a wide range of features to cover all control, safety and troubleshooting concerns. The on-board PCB relays provide quiet and reliable operation to give the end user peace of mind.


Installation and Maintenance
The design of the PSG greatly reduces installation time and increases convenience: the unit simply snaps in to the duct heater. Wiring connections for every possible configuration are labeled on the board in a straightforward manner. This reduces wiring clutter and space required for assembly. Troubleshooting the unit is even easier. An on-board status LED sequentially blinks out a troubleshooting code which indicates the current status of the board. (For example: three blinks means 3 stages of heating are active, six blinks means auto reset has tripped, etc.) The indicator lights also show the user which individual circuits are currently energized.
The PSG has undergone rigorous testing and earned ETL approval giving the user comfort in the safe operation of the device. Numerous innovative concepts were incorporated into the design of the circuit board ensuring not only the safety of the building and its occupants, but also the safety and longevity of the fan and heater components.
  • Quiet on-board relays
  • Auto resetting 24VAC fuse
  • On-board air flow switch
  • Status LED to aid troubleshooting
General Information
The Price Silent Guard (PSG) is an all-in-one solution to duct heater control. The complex internal wiring normally associated with duct heater assemblies is eliminated and replaced with the sleek and compact allinclusive PSG circuit board. Installing the board is very straightforward: thanks to the snap-in design and fully labeled on-board connectors, wiring is quick and efficient.

The Price Silent Guard incorporates many features on to the board to make it the safest and most reliable product possible: Accepts either switched HOT or switched COMMON input signals.
  • Software averaging of input signal prevents relay chatter and extends device life.
  • Fan interlock option prevents coil from overheating.
  • FR-4 rated circuit board complies with safety standards.
  • PCB mounted air flow switch with Intelliflow technology.
  • Easy to use with One-Phase, Three-Phase Y or Three-Phase Delta power systems.
  • Each stage handles up to 277VAC.
  • Indicator lights show operation of each stage of heat and fan output.
  • Programmed time delay's prevent short cycling of fan or heater stages.
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