Direct Digital Controls

DDC Controls

Direct Digital Control
The DDC terminal unit controls are sometimes specified to be supplied by the controls contractor in order to ensure compatibility with a proprietary Building Automation System (BAS). Typically the controls contractor will supply the terminal unit controller which incorporates an air flow transducer, a variety of inputs and outputs and an electric actuator. In order to simplify integration of terminal unit controls with the Building Automation System (BAS), Price will factory install DDC controls supplied by various controls manufacturers. When requested, Price will factory install, wire and mount specified control components on the terminal unit. When required a protective shroud is supplied by Price to enclose the control components.

  The Price multipoint flow sensor is compatible with most DDC controls on the market and is recommended for applications requiring factory mounting of DDC controls. Price will also provide operational checks and calibration of control components before factory shipment, on request.
These additional services performed in the factory ensure an operational unit and reduce field labor. Price can also supply its own brand of DDC controls called the Price Intelligent Controller (PIC). This controller can operate stand alone or be networked to a Building Automation System (BAS) using the ASHRAE standard BACnet. The PIC controller is shown below on the A terminal unit. For more information on the PIC controller.

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