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Price Intelligent Controller for Fan Coils

The PIC-FC is a standalone or networkable, fully digital and programmable thermostat. This is the ultimate solution for sequence controlled operation, monitoring and control possibilities. The PIC-FC is a cutting edge control package that offers a new level of zone control which can be applied to any Price fan coil or blower coil model. An advanced and configurable proportional integral (PI) controller allows for exceptional user comfort and energy efficiency. Installation of the controller and thermostat is simple and error proof with RJ-45 (network type) connections to the thermostat and BACnet network.The PIC-FC is designed with a modular architecture. Options such as BACnet networking are offered as 'add-on modules'. This allows flexibility to the customer by providing both value in the 'core' controller as well as powerful control and communication options with the use of the expansion modules.

Any PIC-FC ordered with the BACnet option will ship with the appropriate module installed and mounted. Modules may also be field mounted and connected to the PIC-FC with a single ribbon-type cable.

The PIC-FC is available with several thermostat options, allowing the designer to match the specific needs of the customer. Every model has an RJ-12 service port that allows for setup and configuration access without having to access the plenum.

The PIC-FC has a 0-10 vdc fan output which can be used in conjunction with the Price fan switching relay (FC-PSC3) in order to adjust the fan during the operational sequence. It is also available with a temperature thermistor which can be used to achieve a heat-cool changeover by monitoring the water supply or used to maintain a constant discharge air temperature (DAT).

The Price LINKER setup tool (combined with FREE software) can be used to reconfigure the PIC-FC from this service port. A standalone setup tool, LCD-SETUP, is also available. Alternative methods of reconfiguration include LCD thermostats and BACnet software.




DDC vs. Analog Electronic Controls
The PIC-FC is a Direct Digital Controller (DDC) that offers many advantages over the older analog electronic style controllers.

  1. Full tunable Proportional + Integral control for fast, accurate control with little overshoot.
  2. Digital thermostats with setup and balancing functions.
  3. Multiple customizable outputs (Binary and Analog).
  4. Sequence of operation changeable in the field if required.
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