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2 Way Valve
Models 2-Way Valve-Piping Packages

Price offers 3 levels of valve packages to suite the hydronic control needs of various applications. All packages are available in both 2-way and 3-way configurations.

The Basic valve package is a simple cost-effective means of controlling water flow to the coil. It features two shut-off valves with memory stops to aid in balancing, and a temperature control valve (TCV) to control the water flow to the coil.

The Intermediate valve package adds a much improved method of balancing the water flow with a selectable automatic (fixed) or a manual balancing valve (also known as circuit setter). The automatic valve ensures design flows are maintained within 5% over a differential of 2-45 psi. The manual balancing valve comes with a memory stop to ensure the correct balanced setting is not lost when servicing. P/T ports are included to allow for measurement of the pressure and temperature drop across the valve. This pressure drop can be compared to factory supplied tables that provide the relationship of the pressure drop to a specific flow rate.

The Deluxe valve package builds on the Intermediate by adding a strainer to the supply and unions to the coil connection. The unions are used to quickly separate the coil from the valve package for maintenance or other issues.

Trunk connections are female sweat and the valve body is sized to match the trunk connection size. Coil connection size will vary per unit. Refer to individual product submittals for connection sizes.
All packages are leak tested, tagged to correspond with the fan coil tag and drop shipped for field installation.

Basic features:
  • Two shut-off ball valves with memory stop and pressure and temperature (P/T) ports.
  • Temperature control valve (TCV)
Intermediate features – Basic, plus:
  • Automatic or Manual balance valve.
Deluxe features – Intermediate plus:
  • Inline supply strainer,
  • Coil Unions for simple coil servicing
  • 24 and 120 volt on/off spring return actuator (NC) with manual override.
  • 24V modulating 0-10 vdc proportional actuator.
  • 24V floating point (3 wire) modulating actuator.
  • TCVs are supplied as normally closed (NC). Consult factory if normally open (NO) is required.
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