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Benefits of High Performance Fan Coils
High performance fan coils are designed for applications where higher air volumes and static pressures than a traditional fan coil are required but a high level of Individual
zone temperature control and low noise levels are also needed.

Low Noise Levels
Price Genesis Fan Coils have been specifically designed to minimize noise levels, allowing units to be applied in noise sensitive applications such as classrooms, lecture halls and theaters. Large diameter, dynamically balanced wheels, motor isolation mounts and a rigid fully insulated casing contribute to the unit’s quiet operation. An optional inlet silencer and integral discharge silencer (FCHGQ) further reduce noise levels for critical spaces. Cataloged octave band sound power levels derived from the industry recognized ASHRAE 130 test standard for both discharge and radiated sound allow accurate and reliable ssessment of space sound levels.

High Static Pressure
A key feature of the Price FCHG is it’s high static pressure capability, allowing the use of higher efficiency filters and up to 8 rows of heating/cooling coils.

Another benefit of this higher static pressure capability is that the unit can accommodate longer discharge duct runs with multiple air outlets. This allows the Fan Coil to be mounted farther from the occupied space reducing acoustic concerns. As an example for a classroom application, the Fan Coil unit can be located above the hallway where noise levels are less critical. Additionally the longer length of downstream ductwork can be acoustically lined for further noise reduction. Due to their higher air flow capacity and static pressure capability larger rooms or spaces can be supplied with High Performance Fan Coil units. Examples include Labs, meeting rooms, halls or lecture theatres.

High Cooling Capacity
The FCHG is available with up to 6 rows of cooling coils and up to 2600 CFM fan flow making it ideal for high cooling load applications. While typically selected for sensible cooling, the unit has the capacity for latent cooling as well. A condensate diverting plate ensures no condensate carry over even at higher than normal entering wet bulb temperature. Sloped insulated drain pan is provided as standard. Optional secondary drain overflow connection and condensate pumps are also available.


ECM Motor
The FCHG is provided as standard with the energy efficient Electronically commutated motor. The ECM provides several benefits over conventional Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) technology.

The standard ECM motor offers significant energy savings due to it’s ultra efficient brushless design. Power losses due to magnetic, thermal and frictional effects are dramatically reduced over conventional PSC motors with efficiency gains of 20-30%.

Full range speed control allows the fan speed to be optimized at the setting which meets the room load and acoustic design goals. When coupled with electronic or DDC controls ECM motors can also be operated to provide variable volume of both cooling and heating fan flows, contributing to further energy savings and enhanced comfort. The fan speed can be remotely adjusted and monitored from a BAS system providing further opportunity for energy savings. Manual fan speed adjustment is enhanced with the optional Price Deluxe ECM speed controller which features an LED display and push button control.

The programming capability of the ECM motor allows factory setting of the units fan flow. Due to the factory calibrated set points entered in the Price EnersaveTM program, fan flow remains constant regardless of external pressure. Constant flow programming ensures the fan flow will be maintained even as the filter resistance increases due to dust buildup.

Motor life of the ECM motor is extended due to it’s low operating temperature and ball bearing design. The ball bearings require no lubrication and direct drive design eliminates belt adjustment or replacement. The low operating temperature of the ECM also reduces the system cooling load.

The FCHG can be factory supplied with Price electronic or DDC controls for stand alone or networked applications when ordered with the optional BACnet expansion module. A variety of factory programmed and verified sequences of operation are available including heat/cool changeover, VAV fan operation, Discharge Air Temperature control and night setback. Thermostat options include dial adjustment, LCD display and motion sensor. The Price PIC Fan Coil Controller can also accommodate flow sensing and control of an optional fresh air inlet damper. Factory mounting, programming and setup ensure a fully functional unit is delivered to the jobsite.

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