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Horizontal High Performance FCHG
The FCHG is a factory assembled, horizontal blow – through high performance fan coil designed for concealed installations above a ceiling. The low noise, high capacity and pressure capability make it a good choice for a variety of applications. The FCHG comes standard with a wide range of performance and construction features. Additional options are available to suit specific project requirements.

Standard Features Include:
  • AHRI 440 certified performance data.
  • Sound power levels tested in accordance with ASHRAE 130.
  • ETL-Listed. Constructed in compliance with ANSI/ UL 1995 Standard.
  • All casing sheet metal components are fabricated of 20GA galvanized steel.
  • Water coils with copper tubes and aluminum fins are performance rated and certified in accordance with the current edition of ARI Standard 410.
  • Coil manual air vents included.
  • Energy efficient ECM motor.
  • 115, 208, 240 and 277 voltages available.
  • Double width double Inlet (DWDI) direct driven blowers.
  • Single point power connection.
  • Single wall galvanized steel drain pan, thermally insulated on the outside with foam.
  • Slip and drive inlet and discharge connections.
  • Cooling coil with sloped bottom panel for condensate removal.
  • External static pressure up to 0.5 in. w.g. with 8 rows of coils.
  • Condensate diverting section on cooling and preheat units to prevent carry over.
  • 1 in. MERV 3 Throwaway Filter.



Optional Features Include:
  • 1 to 6 row coils available for 2-pipe systems.
  • 3 to 6 rows cooling coils with 1 or 2 rows re-heat coils for 4-pipe system applications (8 rows max).
  • LH or RH entry pipe connections.
  • Single power supply disconnect switch.
  • Single wall drain pan manufactured in 20GA 304 Stainless Steel, externally insulated w/foam.
  • Drain pan safety overflow connection (secondary drain).
  • PSC motor option.
  • Liners:
    - Solid Metal
    - Perforated metal
    - Foil Faced Fiberglass
    - Fiber Free foam
  • Fresh air inlet section with SP300 flow sensor and low leak damper.
  • Discharge silencer - FCHGQ.
  • Inlet silencer section.
  • Hanger brackets.
  • Spring isolators.
  • Merv 8 or 13 filters.
  • Piping packages
  • Factory Mounted controls.
  • Electric heater.

Product Features

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