Fan Coils



Benefits of Using Fan Coil Units
Fan coils have been in use for decades as a means of providing heating and cooling to individual zones. The major advantages of using fan coil units are that they allow for local control of individual zones, reduce the amount of cross-contamination between zones and allow for hydronic heating and cooling.

Hydronic systems are far more efficient than all air systems because water piping takes up a fraction of the space of ductwork. Fan coils can be selected to handle a zone's sensible cooling load, significantly reducing the air flow requirements of the main air handler needed for ventilation and latent loads only. This air flow reduction results in a smaller HVAC system which translates into energy savings. A smaller HVAC footprint and duct system can also reduce floor heights or increase leasable space. During unoccupied hours the primary air system can be shut off to save energy while the fan coils maintain space temperature.




Fan Coil Unit

Typical Fan Coil Layout

Quality Assurance
  • Each Price Fan Coil unit receives a full operational check before shipment and arrives factory configured in accordance with project specifications. This means costly labor and setup delays are avoided.
  • Units are ETL listed to meet UL1995 and CSA No. 236.


  • Compact units reduced the footprint of the HVAC system and increase leasable space
  • Heavy duty zinc-coated steel casings
  • Unit casing's are internally lined with dual density fiberglass insulation. The insulation's high density skin provides erosion resistance while effectively attenuating noise. Insulation meets requirements of UL181 and NFPA-90A.
  • Several liner types are available to address the issue of exposed fiberglass.
  • Removable access panels provide access to the interior of the unit for cleaning, inspection and service.
  • Three speed PSC motors allow for reduced energy consumption
  • Unit performance is AHRI certified providing reassurance that design goals will be met
  • Cataloged sound performance data is the result of Price laboratory testing done in accordance with industry test standards.
  • Price offers a variety of control options to suit each application. Digital controls are all factory calibrated, mounted and wired to provide cost effective design solutions
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