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Blower Coil Vertical Quiet BCVQ
Price Quiet Vertical Blower Coils offer the same features and benefits as the standard vertical units but are shipped with a factory assembled discharge silencer to reduce room noise levels. The discharge silencer is specially designed and directly coupled to the Blower Coil unit to dramatically reduce noise with minimal impact on the performance of the unit.
Price quiet blower coils are shipped as two pieces with the silencer shipped loose for field installation.

Standard Features Include:
  • 18 gauge galvanized steel cabinet.
  • Internal insulation - fiberglass 1 in. [19 mm] thick, minimum 1.5 lb density, which meets the requirements of NFPA 90a and UL181.
  • Integral Discharge silencer with Fiberglass acoustical lining.
  • Removable side access panels.
  • 1 in. duct collars with slip & drive connections on inlet and discharge.
  • Sloped galvanized steel drain pan with 3/4 in. male NPT connection, which meets the requirements of ASHRAE 62-2001.
  • 2 in. Filter rack with quick release access panels on both sides. MERV 8 filters as standard.
Fan and motor drive assembly
  • Forward curved, double width, double inlet fans, dynamically balanced.
  • Fan shaft is mounted in permanently lubricated concentric lock or pillow block ball bearings.
  • Motors are 1725 rpm, 60hz, single speed, continuous duty and reversible in direction.
  • Motors are available in 115, 208-230, 277 volt single phase and 208-230, 460, 600 volt 3 phase.
  • Units are belt driven with variable pitch drive pulleys and adjustable motor bases.
  • The blower/motor assembly is completely isolated from the rest of the unit using vibration isolators and internal flex duct.
Water Coils
  • AHRI 410 certified.
  • Coils have copper tubes with aluminum fins, manual air vents and 20 gauge galv steel casings.
  • 1 or 2 row heating (pre/reheat), 3, 4, 6, 8 row cooling, up to 10 rows total.
  • Coils available in LH and RH configurations.
  • Coils are field reversible.
Electrical Options
Standard units come with the motor leads wired to a J-box.
  • Toggle Disconnect switch
  • Motor Fusing
  • Magnetic Contactors
  • 24V transformer.


Optional Features Include:
  • Stainless steel drain pan.
  • Tool-free access on side panels.
  • MERV 13 filters.
  • Cabinet Liners
    o Closed cell foam
    o Foil faced fiberglass rigid board
    o Double wall construction
  • Silencer Liners
    o Fiberglass Cloth
    o Polymer Film
  • Secondary drain connection
  • Mixing box
  • Factory mounted controls
  • Electric Heat
BCVQ with Polymer Film Option -
Application Considerations

This option features a Polymer film wrapped around the fiberglass media packed inside of the silencer. The polymer film and perforated metal facing the air are separated with an acoustical stand off. This is typical industry construction for silencers where fiberglass isolation is required. The Polymer film is a non-porous reflective material, therefore absorption of moisture is prevented, but less sound absorption is achieved when compared to an unlined fiberglass silencer. The Polymer film option is a good choice for areas were moisture may be encountered due to condensation or cleaning or for critical spaces such as labs, cleanrooms or surgical suites. Normally, when polymer film is specified for the silencer, exposed fiberglass will not be permitted in the downstream duct work due to erosion, cleaning or moisture concerns. It should also be noted that when polymer film is selected for the silencer, a liner option will normally be selected for the Blower Coil casing as well. This could be solid metal (double wall), fiber free foam or foil faced fiberglass board. All of these casing liner options will have an effect on radiated and inlet sound (discharge sound is not affected).The cataloged radiated and inlet sound levels are for standard fiberglass construction only.

For radiated and inlet sound data of casing liner options, please contact Applications Engineering. For further sound selection guidelines, please refer to the sound selection guide in the BCH section.

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