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The Price SPVQ (pneumatic controls), and SDVQ (digital controls) single duct VAV assemblies integrate both VAV and Silencer Technology into one complete package. These units are designed to control air flow rate of conditioned air into an occupied space while achieving the lowest noise levels in the industry. The Q series terminal is ideal for noise-sensitive applications such as classrooms, libraries, performance halls and studios.

The acoustical discharge silencer is a direct coupled unit that mates perfectly with the VAV terminal unit. The VAV casing is lined with 1 in. insulation for optimum noise reduction and is designed to ensure an even velocity profile into the silencer section. The casing design and optimized silencer geometry reduce self-generated noise, minimize pressure drop and maximize acoustic attenuation. Extensive lab testing was used to determine the best combination of terminal and silencer configuration resulting in an assembly which achieves room noise levels of less than NC 35 without the addition of downstream acoustic insulation.

The complete VAV terminal/silencer assembly has been tested and certified in accordance with AHRI Standard 880. The discharge and radiated sound data presented in this catalog is based on complete assemblies tested in the Price lab. No calculations or system effect assumptions are required to determine silencer performance.

In the past, selection of VAV terminals with silencers has been a complex and risky proposition. The designer had to select the silencer from a variety of available models, free areas and sizes, evaluating silencer attenuation, self-generated noise and pressure drop without really knowing the performance effect of a close coupled silencer/terminal combination. Price eliminates the guess work by providing an optimized, fully tested and certified assembly.

A Participating Corporation in the AHRI 880 Certification Program.


Model SDVQ

These fully tested units with optimized geometry have similar pressure drops to that of standard SDV units. This allows the engineer to eliminate allowances for extra silencer pressure drop in the HVAC system.

Price SDVQ series terminals are designed to take advantage of a silencer’s acoustical and aerodynamic properties producing an extremely quiet unit while maintaining all the Price SDV standard features. (Refer to Price SDV for all standard features and benefits associated to the SDV terminal unit).

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Inlet Size based on control and acoustic parameters.
  2. Select Control type (Pneumatic, Digital) based on system design.
  3. Select Accessories (Multi-Outlet Adaptor, Attenuator) as required.
  4. Select Reheat Coil, if required.
  5. Select Control Sequence based on system design.
  • Perfectly tuned VAV/silencer design for outstanding performance
  • ΔP similar to standard SDV eliminates the need to allow for silencer ΔP in the HVAC system.
  • VAV section design reduces silencer self-generated noise and pressure drop.
  • VAV section has 1 in. [26] thick, min 1.5 lb density fiberglass internal insulation which meets requirements of NFPA 90A and UL181.
  • Capacities ranging from 66-8000 cfm in 11 sizes.
  • Discharge silencer reduces or eliminates the requirement for downstream acoustic insulation.
  • Complete assembly certified in accordance with AHRI 880 certification program.
  • Reliable catalog performance data simplifies selection.
  • ETL certified to comply with UL 873 and UL1995 when high voltage electrical components are required.


  • Discharge complete with slip and drive connection.
  • Full range of accessories available (i.e. coils, MOA).
  • Selection of Price liners available in different thicknesses - FG, FF, FB, CRAF, SM,PM, AFPM. Silencer section available with film liners - PL or FC or in packless configuration without any acoustic media. See pages F100-F102 for terminals and silencers liner selections.
  • SP300 multipoint flow sensor designed to maintain control accuracy indepen-dent of field installation conditions.
  • Gauge taps for flow measurement and balancing supplied with factory mounted pneumatic controls (optional for digital controls by others).
    • Selected product configurations are OSHPD seismic pre-approved, in compliance with CBC 2013 and IBC 2012
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