Electric Coils (SPV/SDV, SPVLP/SDVLP)

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Electric Coils

General Information
Price offers factory supplied and mounted electric coils for single duct terminal units. The electric coils come standard as a side-mounted unit (slide-in type) and are specifically designed to suit Price terminal units. The heating elements are low watt density and designed to minimize hot spots and thermal cutout. This allows for a more compact assembly making field installation much easier and reducing shipping costs. Price heaters offer a full range of options and accessories to meet all customers' needs. SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) and the Price exclusive 'Electronic Modulat ing Control' are also available, offering numer-ous benefits over conventional duct heater control
See Electronic Modulating Control for more details.

Benefits of Electric Reheat
Electric coils offer an alternative to water reheat coils as an optional accessory for single duct terminal units.

Some of the benefits include:


  • No requirement for water lines.
  • Low pressure drop across the coil elements, which reduces central fan horsepower requirements.
  • Operate using standard building electrical power.
  • Extremely compact design – 35 in. housing length.
  • Specially designed elements allow for installation with minimal clearance between the terminal and coil, resulting in an extremely compact assembly. This allows for easier field installation and reduced shipping costs.
  • Heaters are factory wired and tested ensuring a high level of quality.
  • The heater controls can be specified compatible with pneumatic, electronic, or direct digital control.
  • Heavy gauge zinc-coated steel electrical enclosure and frame.
  • Electric coil configuration and air flow is matched to eliminate hot spots, provide efficient heat transfer, and to maintain element life.
  • Hinged access door for the electrical enclosure.
  • All heaters come with an Automatic Reset thermal cutout to protect from overheating in case the minimum air flow requirements are not met.
  • A Manual Reset thermal cutout is standard on all heaters.
  • Terminal housing is lined with 1/2 in. [13] thick, min. 1.5 lb density fiberglass internal insulation ­­­ which meets requirements for NFPA90A and UL181.


  • Optional 3/4 in. [19] and 1 in. [25] also available. Heater section in not insulated unless requested.
  • Magnetic contactors or Pneumatic-Electric switches are provided as standard on staged heaters for de-energizing or disconnecting power to the heating element.
  • Heaters are provided with Low Watt Density elements to prevent overheating and nuisance tripping of the thermal overload protectors.
  • High grade nickel chrome elements provide maximum corrosion resistance and extended element life.
  • When needed, a Class II (24VAC) control transformer is provided as standard with heater controls.
  • An air flow switch is provided as standard to ensure air is passing over the coil before it will energize. This ensures that the coil will not energize when the system fan is shut-down or fails.
  • ETL certified to meet UL 1995 as an assembly (n/a EMC option).
  • A unique pressure sensing tap strategically located to ensure positive operation of the heater at low downstream static pressure.
  • For stable operation of heater controls minimum discharge static pressure of 0.2 in. w.g. is recommended.
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