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Price Series LGB, Low Pressure Bypass Terminal Units, provide complete zoning flexibility from a single zone source. LGB terminals complement packaged rooftop and low pressure central station units by providing excellent temperature control and central air distribution with unlimited zoning. The added costs of multi-zone systems can be avoided, and the need for duct-mounted heating coils can be minimized.

LGB terminal units are applicable to any low pressure, low velocity system where zoned capacities are required. Advantages are as follows:

  • Easy and simple to install.
  • Can be used with packaged units in new buildings.
  • Can be used to add zoned control to areas of older buildings.
  • Can be easily modified or relocated as interior requirements change.


  • Capacities ranging from 100 – 2700 cfm in 6 sizes.
  • Unit casings constructed of 22 gauge zinc-coated steel, acoustically and ther­mally lined with 1/2 in. [13] thick insulation which meets the require­ments of Standards NFPA 90A and UL181.
  • Low profile, compact design features the patented high performance sliding gate valve.
  • Patented supply/bypass gate valve has polyethylene linear bearings which slide in metal tracks.
  • Units are certified in accordance with the AHRI 880 certification program.
  • Units are supplied with integral inlet and bypass balancing dampers.
  • Designed to produce low NC levels while adding minimal pressure to the system.
  • Electronic thermostat and actuator provide accurate modulating control. Pneumatic control is also available.
  • A minimum air volume stop is provided as standard. Field adjustment is required.
  • Available options include hot water coils, multi-outlet adaptor, round discharge collar and round bypass collar. All accessories are shipped loose for field mounting.
    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Inlet Size based on control and acoustic parameters.
  2. Select Control type (Pneumatic, Digital) based on system design.
  3. Select Accessories as required.
  4. Select Reheat Coil, if required.
  5. Select Control Sequence based on system design.
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