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General Information:
Price variable volume retrofit units are designed for installation into rectangular ductwork, easily converting constant volume systems into variable air volume. This conversion is simply accomplished by cutting a rectangular hole in the existing ductwork and sliding in the retrofit unit. The unit is fastened to the duct with a heavy gauge mounting plate and steel mounting angles. The retrofit unit provides pressure indepen­dent variable air volume control.

Product Key



  • Rugged 22 gauge zinc-coated steel housing.
  • 20 gauge zinc-coated steel damper rigidly fastened to a 1/2 in. round zinc plated solid shaft which rotates in durable polyethylene bearings. Damper position is identified by a mark on the end of the damper shaft.
  • Heavy 20 gauge zinc-coated steel control panel fastens to 20 gauge zinc-coated steel mounting angles which are used to secure the unit to the rectangular duct.
  • The edges of the measuring station are gasketed to provide a tight seal.
  • Multipoint flow sensor averages and amplifies velocity for accurate control.
  • Available with pneumatic, electronic or direct digital controls.
  • SP300 multipoint flow sensor designed to maintain control accuracy indepen-dent of field installation conditions.
  • Gauge taps for flow measurement and balancing supplied with factory mounted pneumatic controls (optional for digital controls by others).
  • Stainless steel construction is available on request as an alternative to zinc-coated steel construction for those applications where superior corrosion protection is required.
  • Price retrofit units can be custom made to accommodate most dimensional requirements upon providing air flow and duct size.
  • Capacities range from 50 – 13,500 in 15 standard sizes.
  • Pressure independent operation.
  • Can be used for VAV or constant volume applications.
  • Individually adjustable minimum and maximum air volumes – easily field adjustable.
  • Conveniently accessible, externally mounted controls.
  • Compact lightweight design for ease of installation.
    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select unit size based on duct and airflow parameters.
  2. Select control type (Pneumatic, Digital) based on system design.
  3. Select controls sequence based on system design.
Price retrofit units can be custom made to accommodate most dimensional requirements by providing airflow and duct size.
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