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Design 75

PRICE Design 75 VAV Regulators are ideally suited to retrofit the following terminal units.

Price Design 75 constant volume terminal units.
Buensod Design 16 terminal units.
Buensod Design 14 terminal units.
Buensod is a registered trademark of Hart & Cooley Inc.

The work required to convert these installed constant volume terminal units is very easy to perform. To retrofit, simply substitute Design 75 VAV regulator(s) for the existing constant volume regulator(s). The entire conversion can be completed quickly and economically, using the existing systems and the existing ductwork.

Design 75 VAV retrofit regulators are designed for this application. They are furnished complete with a factory supplied and installed pneumatic actuator, plus an adaptor stool or adaptor plate if required.

Once the retrofit regulator is installed, the pneumatic connection from the regulator actuator is simply spliced into the existing thermostat control line. As VAV and constant volume units can be intermixed on the same system, all units need not be completed at the same time. A progressive retrofit program might better suit budgetary limits or other jobsite restraints.

Since the Design 75 VAV retrofit regulator is installed inside the existing terminal unit, expensive modifications to the existing ductwork are eliminated. All retrofit regulators are factory calibrated for maximum and minimum air volume settings, eliminating costly field balancing.

As illustrated, replacing a constant volume regulator with a Design 75 VAV regulator is easy to accomplish. The volume regulator is held in place with 2 or 4 hex nuts (depending on regulator size).


  • Remove access door.
  • Remove hex nuts and constant volume regulator.
  • Set thermostat to zero branch line pressure.
  • Cut neoprene control tubing at pneumatic operator (dual duct unit) or at the heating valve (single duct reheat unit) and install a three-way tee.
  • Install Design 75 VAV regulator and connect the control tubing between the pneumatic operator on the regulator, and the three-way tee.
  • Visually inspect the unit operation as branch line pressure is modulated. If desired, install a pressure gauge in the branch line to verify correct operation.
  • Factory calibrated regulators do not require field adjustment unless a change in air volume is required.
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