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The Price model IPV, IDV Series variable volume induction terminals are designed to provide the benefits of precise, efficient control of conditioned supply air to match room temperature loads and the energy conscientious use of ceiling plenum return air to insure satisfactory room air motion. The conditioned supply air (primary air) flowing through a carefully engineered variable aperture 'flow nozzle' provides the induction of the warm plenum air without the use of integral fans. Induction of ceiling plenum air has two major benefits. First, it helps to optimize energy use as it uses the 'free heating' available in the warm plenum air where it is required. Secondly, the induction of the plenum air causes a larger air volume delivery to the space, resulting in greater room air motion and increased comfort.

The Price series of induction terminals is designed to operate efficiently over an inlet static pressure range from 0.5 in. to 4.0 in. It uses the Price SP300 multipoint inlet sensor to accurately measure the primary air flow under varying flow conditions. This series of terminals is available with several pneumatic (IPV) and digital (IDV) control schemes to satisfy most ­applications.

1 and 2 row hot water coils are also available to provide additional heating capability in perimeter applications.


Air Flow Schematic Model IPV8000

Features / Benefits
  • Easily removable bottom access panel provides accessibility to induction nozzle and actuator for inspection and servicing.
  • Multi-blade return air damper provides sensitive air flow control with minimum blade stick out, for tight installations.
  • Low inlet static pressure requirements (0.5 in. w.g.) allow for reduced fan sizing.
  • SP300 multipoint flow sensor designed to maintain control accuracy indepen-dent of field installation conditions.
  • Gauge taps for flow measurement and balancing supplied with factory mounted pneumatic controls (optional for digital controls by others).
Options Available:
  • Controller cover
  • Foil faced internal insulation (FB 5/8 in. [16] foil thick board fiberglass).
  • Housing 22 gauge zinc-coated steel construction mechanically sealed and gasketed.
  • Internal housing insulation 3/4 in. fiberglass.
  • Internal discharge plenum 1 in. thick foil backed duct board.
  • Heavy gauge zinc-coated steel induction nozzle and return air damper.
  • Full 2 in. zinc-coated steel discharge flange.
  • Solid 1/2 in. zinc-coated return air damper shaft and induction nozzle shaft.
  • Hot water coil accessory unit construction is copper tubing, aluminum fins.
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