Fan Powered Terminal Units

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Benefits of Fan Powered Terminal Units

Fan powered terminal units can provide performance benefits and increased flexibility for a wide range of HVAC applications. Substantial savings in operating costs may be realized through efficient recovery of waste heat, enhanced heating performance and reduced central
system HP for fan powered systems.
Examples of some of the performance benefits of fan powered units are:

  • Heat gain from plenum return reduces the requirement for reheat;
  • Redistributing excess heat from interior zones to perimeter zones where it is required;
  • Lower minimum air flow rates can be selected compared to single duct designs and can be based on ventilation rate requirements instead of heating design requirements.
  • Increased air motion under low load conditions.
  • Providing the capability to respond to
    a thermostat demand for heat during periods when the central fan system is shut down.
  • Eliminating perimeter radiation with the
    addition of a reheat coil to the terminal unit resulting in increased usable floor space.

Variable Volume/Parallel Flow
Fan Powered Terminal Units

With the variable volume model, the conditioned primary air does not pass through the fan. The primary air section and the recirculating fan section operate independent of each other, except that both are under control of the same room thermostat. They are sequenced so that both sections generally do not operate at the same time. The primary air section responds to a demand for cooling, while the recirculating fan section responds to a demand for heating.

Benefits of Variable Volume Fan
Powered Terminal Units

The primary air valve is sized for cooling demand similar to single duct terminal design requirements. The recirculating air section is typically sized at 50% of the maximum primary air valve demand which results in lower noise, lower unit cost and reduced energy when compared to constant volume terminals.

Constant Volume/Series Flow
Fan Powered Terminal Units
With the constant volume model, the recirculating fan section operates continuously. All conditioned primary air passes through the recirculating fan. The total discharge rate remains constant while the proportions of cold primary air and warm recirculated air are varied thermostatically to satisfy the load. The recirculating fan will mix the warm air from the ceiling plenum with the conditioned primary air.

Benefits of Constant Volume
Fan Powered Terminal Units
  • Reductions in air quantities are avoided, improving the performance of most supply air diffusers by maintaining constant throws.
  • Air motion in the occupied zone remains constant, avoiding the low air motions typical of variable volume systems during periods of low load. Recent ASHRAE research suggests that low air motion in combination with higher space temperatures is the major cause for complaint in many recently constructed buildings.
  • Supply air temperature is modified, preventing over cooling during periods of low load.
  • Noise levels are maintained constant, less objectionable than intermittent noise.


  • Compact, durable zinc-coated steel casing means reduced ceiling plenum space requirements and protection from corrosion.
  • Terminal casing is internally lined with dual density fiberglass insulation. The insulation's high density skin provides erosion resistance while effectively attenuating noise. Insulation meets requirements of UL181 and NFPA-90A.
  • Proven reliable primary air section with heavy gauge damper and low leakage blade seal.
  • Electrical components for the fan unit as well as the pneumatic or electronic control components, are all mounted on the same side of the housing. This provides for more design flexibility and reduces design restrictions.
  • PRICE terminals come standard with SCR fan speed control for efficient, quiet adjustment of fan capacity. Electric motors are specifically designed to operate with SCR controls ensuring reliable maintenance free operation.
  • Fan motor is isolated from the blower housing to reduce noise.
  • Energy efficient, fan motor is designed to meet consistent torque specifications providing reliable and repeatable performance.
  • Large removable bottom access panel provides access to the interior of the unit for cleaning, inspection and service.
  • Electric reheat configuration and discharge air flow are specifically matched to eliminate element hot spots and maintain element life.

  • Acoustical and flow performance is ARI certified providing reassurance that design goals will be met and that Price fan powered terminal units will provide occupant comfort and efficient operation.
  • Catalog performance data is the result of Price laboratory testing done in accordance with industry test standards.


  • Maximum and minimum flows are factory set to reduce field installation costs.
  • Fan speed controller, SCR minimum voltage is factory set to optimize motor bearing life.
  • Pneumatic electric switches are factory set to reduce field installation costs.
  • Price offers a variety of control options to suit the specific demands for each application. Pneumatic, electronic and digital controls are all available to provide the designer with a wide choice for innovative and cost effective design solutions.

Quality Assurance

  • Each Price fan powered terminal unit receives a full operational check before shipment and arrives factory calibrated in accordance with project specifications. This means costly labor and setup delays are avoided.
  • Units are certified in accordance with the ARI 880 certification program.
  • Units are ETL listed to meet UL1995 and CSA No. 236.


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