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Electric Coils

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Electric heat coils are an available accessory for use with Price variable volume and constant volume fan powered terminal units. The electric heating coils have been specific­ally designed to suit Price fan powered terminal units. Electric heating coils are factory-mounted at the discharge outlet of the terminal unit.

Controls for the electric heat are interlocked and sequenced with the recirculating fan in the terminal unit. The electric heat can be energized only after the recirculating fan is operating and then only if the warm plenum air supplied by the recirculating fan has not been suf­ficient to satisfy space heat requirements.

Benefits of Electric Coils vs Hot Water Coils
Electric coils offer an alternative to hot water reheat coils as an optional accessory for fan powered terminal units. The benefits are:

  • No need for water lines which can lead to potential leaks, damaging property and reduced installation costs.
  • Advantage can be taken of the electrical power supply hookup for the basic fan powered terminal unit when making the electrical connection for the electric coil. (Note: the electrical power supply conductor size increases when electrical reheat coil load is added, refer to NEC codes for conductor sizing.)
  • No pressure drop across the coils, therefore reduced central fan HP requirements for constant volume fan powered terminal unit applications.
Features / Benefits of Price Electric Reheat Coils:
  • Heavy gauge zinc-coated steel electrical cabinet and frame.
  • Large electrical cabinet door hinged for easy access and designed for secure closure.
  • Electric coil controls and fan powered terminal unit controls are on the same side of the unit reducing design restrictions and providing ease of servicing.
  • Electric coil configuration and air flow is matched to eliminate hot spots to provide efficient heat transfer and to maintain element life.
  • Automatic reset thermal cutout specifically matched to each unit to protect from overheating in case the minimum air flow requirements are not met.
  • Secondary thermal cutout is in the power circuit and is used as a backup in case of failure of the automatic reset thermal cutout.
  • Recirculating fan is interlocked with the heating elements to ensure that the fan is operational prior to the heating elements being energized.
  • High grade nickel chrome heating elements are an available option to provide superior element life and corrosion resistance.
  • A single point connection is provided for both heater and fan motor (except 600v/3Ø heater comes with 115V/1Ø motor). Dual point connection is available as an option on special request.
  • Electric coil units are ETL listed to meet electrical safety standards and comply with dual designation CSA 236/UL 1995.


Available Options
  • An interlocking main disconnect switch is used to de-energize the electric unit once the electrical en­closure door has been opened.
  • Positive pressure air flow switch which senses pressure differential between a factory preset pressure and the combined velocity pressure plus static pressure. If the recirculating fan fails to operate, then the positive pressure air flow switch will not allow the electric coil to operate.
  • Mercury contactors recommended for use in applications sensitive to noise. Mercury contactors provide quiet operating characteristics. Recom­mended for applications which have frequent demand and cycle repeatedly.
  • Disconnecting contactors for applica­tions where it is necessary to dis­connect all three phase power up.
  • Up to two additional stages of electric available to allow for staged heating capacity.
  • SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
    option provides infinite heater control using a proportional signal. Element life is extended and noise from contactors is eliminated. This option may be specified compatible with pneumatic, electronic, or DDC controls. See description below. (UL and CSA certified)
  • Primary or Secondary Fusing for added safety or to meet local electrical codes.
Conventional Staged Heater
  • Pneumatic
  • Electronic
  • Digital (DDC)
Maximum 3 Stages
SCR Heater
• Pneumatic
proportional (with the addition of a pneumatic-electric transducer).
• Digital (DDC)
proportional, pulsed AC, or pulsed DC.
Note: For terminal units with electric reheat a minimum discharge static of 0.2"w.g. is recommended for stable operation of heater controls.
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