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Dual Duct, High Pressure

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Model DHV Dual Duct Terminal Unit

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Inlet Size based on control and acoustic parameters.
  2. Select Accessories (Multi-Outlet Collars) as required.
  • Capacities ranging from 50–2500 cfm in 7 sizes.
  • Design volume factory set to speci­fied value ± 5% of set-point (or 10 cfm below 200 cfm).
  • Pressure independent operation from minimum operating static to 6 in. w.g.
  • Leakage at regulator shut-off will not exceed 3% of maximum unit air volume at 6 in. w.g. inlet static pressure.
  • Air volume reference scale provided to aid field adjustment.
  • Unit casings up to and including size 14-24 are constructed of 22 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Quick opening access panels provided as standard for inspection and service.
  • Flanged rectangular outlet collar provided as standard.
  • Leakage of mixing valve will not exceed 3% of maximum unit volume at 6 in. w.g. inlet static pressure.

Product Overview

Design 75 VAV Regulators Dual Duct Terminal Units
General Information
To maintain stable comfort conditions in a VAV system, the terminal unit must prevent sudden dramatic changes in air volume due to rapid increases or decreases in system static pressure. The regulator must provide rapid compensation for pressure shifts and a smooth, precise response over a broad volume range under thermostatic control. Last, but not least, the regulator must be self‑balancing.

The Design 75 pressure independent variable volume regulator satisfies all of the above requirements. It performs as a mechanical constant volume regulator at any intermediate set-point throughout its operating range. It is literally a complete series of constant volume regulators in one assembly.

The Design 75 variable volume regulator has been subjected to rigorous life cycle tests to ensure long product life and low maintenance. The accuracy of air volume control did not deteriorate as the life cycle tests proceeded. No significant component wear was apparent at the conclusion of the tests.

  Design 75 VAV Regulator

Design 75 terminal units offer dependable discharge and radiated sound data in a factory‑assembled quality controlled package. From the data presented in this catalog, the design engineer is able to assess the true sound performance of the terminal unit and relate it to the conditions expected for the application.

The specified air volumes are factory set on all Design 75 regulators, both variable and constant volume models. Air volumes can be easily adjusted in the field should changes in occupancy and/or load conditions so dictate. (Dual Duct Mechanical Type units are not AHRI certified.

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