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The Price dual duct terminal unit is a factory built assembly, utilizing the latest developments in volume control. It precisely regulates the flow of con­ditioned air to a room or zone in response to thermostat demand for cooling or heating.

A wide range of control options are available with Price dual duct units, allowing numerous combinations of hot and cold air mixing proportions as well as special applications.
To counter the wide swings in operating conditions typical of VAV systems, the unit senses, then compensates for the slightest change in air volume. The air flow control is pressure independent.

Because of the extreme sensitivity and stability of the series 8000 controls, minor variations in load and system conditions are sensed immediately and acted upon so that control hunt is minimized, eliminating any need for dramatic corrections.

Price offers three models of dual duct terminals to meet the specific job requirements of a variety of applications.

The Price DPV, DDV is an economical terminal intended for non-mixing variable volume applications only.

The Price Series DPS, DDS is a compact unit, ideal for projects with space limitations and normal sound and mixing requirements. The unit includes an integral mixer-attenuator section for discharge sound attenuation and mixing of the hot and cold airstream. Inlet and downstream total flow sensors provide excellent control of either variable volume or constant volume applications.

The Price Series DPQ, DDQ provides additional discharge sound attenuation to meet noise sensitive applications. An extended attenuator section substantially reduces the discharge sound power levels and improves mixing efficiency. An integral mixing section is standard. Inlet and downstream total flow sensors provide excellent control of either variable volume or constant volume applications.

The Price Series DPM, DDM provides integral sophisticated mixing baffles arrangement resulting in increased mixing efficiency (20:1 ratio) for both constant and variable volume applications.

The Price Ultra Quiet Series DPUQ, DDUQ integrates a tuned discharge silencer in an AHRI certified assembly to meet extreme noise sensitive applications the Silencer section substantially reduces the discharge sound power levels and improves mixing efficiency.


Model DDM

Product Key

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Inlet Size based on control and acoustic parameters.
  2. Select Control type (Pneumatic, Electronic , Digital) based on system design.
  3. Select Control Sequence based on system design.

SP300 Velocity Pressure Sensors

Price dual duct terminals are supplied with 3 air flow sensors to suit any potential control sequence without any field modifications. The air flow sensors are supplied at both inlets and at the discharge outlet. The SP300 multipoint velocity pressure sensor directs flow data to the controller. The velocity pressure signals are amplified for increased sensitivity and control response. In addition, the multiple sensing points and center averaging chamber provide a more repre­sentative indication of air volume under varying flow conditions.

Basic Features of Dual Duct Units:    
  • Capacities ranging from 45 to 3500 cfm in 10 sizes.
  • Pressure independent operation.
  • Available with pneumatic or direct digital controls.
  • SP300 multipoint sensor designed to maintain control accuracy independent of field installation conditions.
  • Models DxS, DxQ, DxM, DxUQ come with three sensors located at both inlets and outlets. This allow s for any controls sequence selection and easy field modifications.
  • Individually adjustable minimum and maximum air volume for each inlet. These can be easily field adjusted.
  • Gauge taps are provided for flow measurement and balancing for units with
    factory mounted pneumatic controls (optional for digital controls by others).
  • Certified in accordance with the AHRI 880 certification program.


  • 22 gauge zinc-coated steel housing, mechanically sealed, leak-resistant.
  • 3/4 in. [19] thick, min 1.5 density fiberglass internal insulation which meets requirements of UL181 and NFPA-90A. Optional 1 in. [25] fiberglass insulation is also available.
  • Special liners and insulations available, (FF, CRAF, CRWF, FB, SM, PM, AFPM)
  • Unequal inlet sizes are an available option.
  • Mixer/attenuator section provides average
    discharge temperature variations within 1 °F [.55 °C] for every 10 °F [5.5 °C] temperature difference between the hot and cold ducts. For DxM unit the mixing ratio is as high as 20:1.
  • NEMA1 Protective metal shrouds are stan­dard for electronic and digital controls. An optional shroud is available for pneumatic controls.
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