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This product is for environments where corrosion and contamination of VAV terminal equipment is a concern and superior noise reduction is desired. Price L(X)VQ series air volume assemblies integrate both VAV and Silencer Technology into one complete package. These control valves are designed for environments with laboratory and fume hood applications in mind while achieving the lowest noise levels in the industry. The heavy gauge corrosion resistant stainless steel construction of the LPVQ8000 is well suited to withstand airborne contaminants, corrosives, and can be welded in place without distortion of the unit. A teflon damper gasket provides a positive seal that is inert to most chemicals and high temperatures. The removable stainless steel multipoint sensor array provides easy cleaning and accurate sensing of average duct velocity. This highly specialized terminal unit is available in inlet sizes from 6 in. to 16 in. with capacities of up to 4000 cfm that is ideal for noise-sensitive applications.

The acoustical inlet silencer is a direct coupled unit that mates perfectly with the VAV terminal unit. The casing design and optimized silencer geometry reduce self-generated noise, minimize pressure drop and maximize acoustic attenuation. Extensive lab testing was conducted to determine the optimum combination of terminal and silencer configuration in both packless and absorptive media filled options.



Product Key

Available with a wide variety of Price control packages, the L(X)VQ series is a flexible choice for your most demanding applications. This unit is also available in pneumatic (LPVQ8000) and digital (LDVQ5000, LDVQ8000) control configurations. Contact your local Price representative for more information.
Laboratory and fumehood exhaust systems handling contaminates or highly corrosive chemicals.

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Size based on airflow requirement.
  2. Select Control Type (Pneumatic, Electronic, Digital) based on system design.
  3. Select Control based on system design.
  4. Select Control Sequence based on system design.

Example: 8 LDVQ 8000

  • Valve casing construction of 20 gauge Type 316 stainless steel with continuously welded seam.
  • Silencer Construction of 24 gauge Type 316 Stainless Steel with mechanical fasteners.
  • Damper shaft and sensor constructed of Type 316 stainless steel.
  • Absorptive silencer section is packed with fiberglass media wrapped with either polymer film (PL) or fiberglass cloth (FC) to provide fiberglass protection suitable for the application.
  • Packless silencers section contains no absorptive media and is constructed solely of metal.
  • Damper shaft bearings and damper gasket are teflon.
  • Removable 316 stainless steel multipoint sensors.
  • Controls mounting bracket is 304 stainless steel.
  • Optional NEMA1 controls enclosure available in stainless or galvanized steel.
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