Section FTerminal Units


Venturi Valve
Venturi Valve VVA Series

Venturi air control valve, aluminum construction for reliable and precise air flow control in health care and other critical environments. Venturi Valves are available with integral silencers for optimized noise control.

Air Volume Control Valve
Air Volume Control Valve LPV / RPV / RPVSS Series

Price quiet single duct terminal units with integral silencer for extreme low noise applications. Eliminates the 'tuning' issues and sound degradation that can occur when combining different brands.

Quiet Air Volume Control Valve
Quiet Air Volume Control Valve LPVQ / RPVQ Series

The LPVQ is a stainless steel welded terminal valve with inlet silencer specifically designed to be integrated into laboratory applications with severe demands on construction and noise control. The RPVQ is a zinc-coated steel construction valve suited for general exhaust applications with optimized silencer for noise control.

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