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Price RFD/RFDSS Series Radial Flow Diffusers represent a unique and effective method of air distribution in critical high volume applications. The Price RFD features a patented design which effectively delivers large volumes of air in confined spaces with maximum comfort and low room air velocities – a situation not always possible with conventional air outlets or laminar flow panels. Typical applications include laboratories, cleanrooms, hospital rooms, animal labs, kitchens, computer rooms etc.

Air Pattern
Most conventional ceiling diffusers are designed to produce high aspiration rates (mixing of supply and room air). This requires high initial velocity jets from the diffuser to induce the room air and achieve mixing. At the large volumes required for high air change rates, conventional diffusers with high jet velocities produce long throws and unacceptably high room air velocities. Conversely, laminar flow (non-mixing) diffusers typically have very low initial velocities, and therefore, low induction of room air and short throws. Typical laminar flow diffusers produce a vertical air pattern and have relatively low cfm capacity due to sound and pressure drop considerations.

The Price RFD combines the best features of both aspirating and laminar flow diffusers. Its special perforated face produces low initial face velocities, minimizing entrainment of room air, while its radial shape and internal baffles distribute large volumes of air in a semi-cylindrical air pattern. This allows the RFD to "flush" a room with large volumes of low velocity, clean, conditioned air while minimizing mixing with potentially contaminated room air.

Performance and Practicality
The Price RFD diffuser is designed with both performance and practicality in mind. In addition to high capacity laminar air flows, the RFD offers the serviceability mandatory in today's cleanrooms, laboratories and hospitals.

The RFD features room-side access to the interior of the diffuser for cleaning. The face of the diffuser is attached to the backpan with a hinge. The face is mounted on removable wing-nuts, facilitating the complete removal of the diffuser face as required. A simple but secure swing latch mechanism is used to hold the diffuser's face in the closed position. No tools are required to access the interior of the RFD for cleaning. The swing latch design also ensures that the backpan will never have to be disturbed in the ceiling, protecting its integrity.

The Price RFD has been engineered so that there are no penetrations of the backpan, other than the inlet collar, maintaining the ceiling integrity while still allowing access to the diffuser interior. The interior has no plenum baffling that would prevent access. The RFD/RFDSS border accommodates both surface mounting and T-bar lay-in installations.

Standard construction for RFD is an aluminum perforated face and vanes with an aluminum backpan. The entire unit is finished in B12 white powder coat. The model RFDSS is constructed primarily of stainless steel.

The RFD adds high volume capability to the Laminar Flow Diffuser with its radial air pattern.

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Diffuser Type by model number (RFD, RFDSS).
  2. Select Inlet Diameter.
  3. Select Model Size based on ceiling module
  4. Select 1 way or 2 way blow.
Example: RFD / 12" / 24" x 24" / 2W

1. Perforated Face  
2. Solid End Cap  
3. Angled Deflector Vanes  
4. Face Mounted Hinge c/w Removable
Wing nuts
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