Puraflo Series

Product Information

Price Puraflo displacement diffusers are in-wall diffusers designed specifically for use in health care facilities. The diffuser discharges cool supply air evenly across the perforated face at low velocity with minimal turbulence or induction of room air. The air flows down to the floor level and travels across the floor where it is carried up by thermal plumes, delivering air directly to the breathing zone.

The Puraflo displacement diffuser is designed to be integrated in the wall or casework, increasing floor area in the occupied zone and seamlessly meshing into the space for architectural appeal.

To facilitate cleaning, the Puraflo is designed with a standard removable face. Optional features include tamperproof fasteners and a steel face. The superior air quality, thermal comfort and low noise levels of the Puraflo make it an excellent choice for patient rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, exam rooms, nursing stations, and any health care application where air quality demands are high.


  • Standard removable face
  • Flush, in-wall integration

Construction –Standard

  • Diffuser face and frame – stainless steel
  • Equalization baffle – stainless steel
  • Plenum – coated steel
  • Truss head/machine screws – stainless

Finish B12 (White)
For optional and special finishes see color matrix.


  • Perforated front panel and diffuser frame – coated steel
  • Tamperproof fasteners

Air Pattern

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Diffuser Size based on desired performance characteristics.
  2. Select Inlet Location and Size.
  3. Select Options and Accessories if required
  4. Select Finish.
Example: Puraflo/24 x 24/18 x 2.5
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