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The PRICE LFD3 Laminar Flow Diffuser was designed with performance and safety in mind.

This dual-chamber diffuser utilizes a carefully engineered dispersion basket along with an integrated “V” baffle to evenly distribute clean supply air across the face of the diffuser, regardless of diffuser size.

The room-side adjustable cone damper promotes distribution of supply air within the upper plenum chamber while also offering maximum convenience for balancing contractors to adjust flow rates without removing the diffuser face.

To ensure ASHRAE 170 requirements were satisfied for diffuser cleaning access, the LFD3 design facilitates quick and easy removal of all internal components without the need for tools. In addition, the design is completely free of any sheet-metal screws or other sharp fasteners that could lead to injury during the cleaning process.

The low profile one-piece plenum features fully welded corners to protect against infiltration of air from the ceiling plenum as well as loss of “expensive air” through seams in the diffuser casing.

Standard Features

  • Dual-chamber design
  • Tool-free removable dispersion basket, “V” baffle and equalization baffle
  • Cone damper
  • One-piece welded plenum (4.75” height)
  • Perforated faceplate, standard capacity nominally 20-40fpm.
  • Aluminum construction
  • Baked powder coat finish (B12 – white)
  • Suitable for surface mount or lay-in applications.

Product Options
  • ½” foil-backed external insulation
  • Plug for room side access of damper adjustment screw
  • Aluminum plaster frames
  • Stainless steel construction (#4 brushed finish on all exposed surfaces)

The LFD3’s non-aspirating, unidirectional laminar flow is ideal for applications where a low velocity and minimal entrainment of room air is required. Examples of such spaces may include cleanrooms, laboratories and hospital operating rooms.

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