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Laminar Flow System
Laminar Flow Systems

Price Laminar Flow Systems are designed to control airborne contamination in the operating room by displacing particulates using unidirectional, low velocity air flow through a laminar diffuser array.

Air Curtain System
Air Curtain System

Price Air Curtain Systems provide additional protection and greater control of the laminar air flow above the patient and surgical team by incorporating carefully engineered slot diffusers around the surgical area..


HORD Series
Linear Slot Diffuser HORD / HORDSS

HORD series diffusers are available in full stainless steel or aluminum construction, or with stainless steel exposed components and aluminum plenums. Aluminum systems or components are coated with a white powder coat finish selected for its resistance to acids and concentrated hospital cleaning solutions. Many construction options are available.

LFD Series
Laminar Flow Diffusers LFD

Price LFD series laminar flow diffusers have been engineered to provide a uniform vertical projection of supply air at controlled low velocities. The downward projection or "piston" motion of supply air is ideal for cleanroom or operating room applications. Units are available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction.

700H Series
Stainless Steel Return / Filter Return Grille

Return and filter return grilles are available in stainless steel construction for applications in critical environments. 700H series grilles (Hospital Grade) feature quick-release fasteners for ease of cleaning while 700FF series grilles (Filter Frame) include 1" or 2" filter frames for critical exhaust applications.

Unitee HDCR Series
Unitee HDCR Series

Unitee HDCR is a heavy duty aluminum ceiling system gasketed to prevent air leakage for cleanroom applications. Price Unitee HDCR is supplied in large welded sections for field assembly and installation. Price LFD, RFD and HORD diffusers can be combined with Unitee CR ceilings for an integrated package to ensure single-source responsibility of interfacing components.

Price O.R. Systems

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