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Price AMDC Series louvered face directional diffusers with replaceable high efficiency filters provide another solution for air distribution in today's modern cleanrooms. They are designed to provide large volumes of filtered air in a 4 way horizontal air pattern.

These diffusers provide a very high room air induction rate, as room air quickly mixes with the horizontal air pattern. A replaceable high efficiency filter allows the AMDC to provide a supply of clean filtered air to the clean space. Because the diffuser entrains room air and mixes it with clean supply, particle contamination is removed by mixing and "dilution" through low-level exhaust grilles.

  • 4 way louvered face easily removed for access to the filter.
  • Static pressure test port to measure filter pressure drop.
  • Suitable for surface mounting or lay-in to 1" gasketed T-bar 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" modules.
  • Housing factory scanned for leaks.
  • Optional steel full flow damper with remote cable operator.
  • Easily replaceable high efficiency filter with silicone gel seal, which provides a leakproof seal between the filter and housing.
  • Available filter efficiencies:
    HE           95% at 0.3 μm
    HEPA      99.99% at 0.3 μm
    ULPA      99.999% at 0.12 μm

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Diffuser Type by model number (AMDC).
  2. Select Inlet Diameter.
  3. Select Panel Size for Ceiling Module.
  4. Select Filter Type (HE, HEPA, ULPA).
  5. Select Volume Control Damper (VCR8E) if desired.
  6. Select Hanger Brackets (HB) if desired.
  7. Select Insulated Housing (AFI) if desired.
  8. Select Damper Construction if required.
Example: AMDC / 10" / 24" x 24" / HE

  • Standard construction is aluminum louvered face with an aluminum filter housing. Diffuser finish is B12 white powder coat.
  • Optional steel damper finished in B12 white powder coat. Stainless steel also available.
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