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Price LFDCX Series HEPA/ULPA Filter Modules are lightweight, low profile ducted supply modules that are designed for critical environments where ultraclean air is required. To achieve this, the LFDCX uses an integrated Dimple Pleat® media pack that is available in 2” and 4” depths depending on performance requirements.
The unit has an adjustable distribution plate that allows for minor adjustments of room-side air flow. An anodized extruded aluminum center divider provides access to this distribution plate, and also allows for the measurement of resistance and challenge aerosol. A painted expanded metal faceguard on the downstream side protects the media.

All Price LFDCX units are factory tested for filter leakage to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and safety.


  • Anodized extruded aluminum frame with one-piece aluminum top/inlet collar
  • Dimple Pleat® filter pack for lightweight, low profile design.
  • Fire retardant solid urethane sealant to seal media pack to frame.
  • UL 900 Class 1 listed and Factory Mutual approved.
  • Available filter efficiencies:
    HEPA 99.99% at 0.3 μm
    ULPA 99.9995% at 0.12 μm

The LFDCX Series is used in ducted supply applications where HEPA/ULPA filtration is required. The filter frame has a flat flange to mount in a gasketed T-bar ceiling system, such as the Price HDCR and CR Series ceiling systems.
They typically operate at a velocity of 100 fpm. If necessary, filters of standard construction can be operated up to 150 fpm face velocity and a static pressure of 2.0 in. w.g. As with all HEPA/ULPA filters, high efficiency ASHRAE-rated pre-filters are recommended.
The flexibility of the LFDCX means that it is suited to a variety of clean space environments. This includes the semiconductor industry, aerospace industry, pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, food processing industry and the compact disc/disc drive manufacturing industry.


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