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Price LFDC /LFDCSS Series Laminar Flow Diffusers with replaceable high efficiency filters have been designed to suit the critical requirements of modern cleanrooms. The LFDC/LFDCSS provides a means of controlling particle contamination within a room by providing unidirectional laminar flow of air. Due to its low initial face velocity, the diffuser introduces clean supply air to the space without entrainment of contaminated air from the occupied space.

The LFDC/LFDCSS is a ducted supply diffuser with an easily replaceable high efficiency filter. The assembly has a unique gel seal design, which allows removal and replacement of the filter without moving or disconnecting the diffuser housing from the ceiling system.


  • Airtight construction of filter housing.
  • An easily removed perforated face.
  • Static pressure test port.

The static pressure port is used during factory testing for leaks, as well as in the field to measure the pressure drop across the filter.

Each standard LFDC housing assembly is factory scan tested for leaks. The test ensures that pinholes or edge leaks are detected at the factory and corrected before shipment.

Depending on the cleanliness level required in the space, a single LFDC/LFDCSS with filter can be located directly over a work station, or multiple diffusers can be mounted in the ceiling. The Price LFDC/LFDCSS is ideally suited to mount into gasketed T-bar ceiling systems, such as the Price Unitee CR Series gasketed cleanroom ceiling system, or in plaster ceilings.

Applications include clean space environments in research, industry and medical facilities. This includes the semiconductor industry, aerospace industry, pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry and hospital operating or patient isolation rooms.


Price LFDC/LFDCSS are all factory tested to assure casing leakage is consistent with the filter. The Price LFDC/LFDCSS with filter is designed as a “low profile” diffuser to keep the intrusion of the filter housing into the ceiling plenum to a minimum. A 2 in. (51) thick filter element is utilized, which keeps the overall diffuser housing height to 6-1/2 in. (165).

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Diffuser Type by model number (LFDC).
  2. Select Inlet Diameter.
  3. Select Diffuser Size based on ceiling module.
  4. Select Filter Type (HE, HEPA, ULPA, FRB).
  5. Select Volume Control Damper (VCR8E) if desired.
  6. Select Insulated Housing (AFI) if desired.
  7. Select Damper Construction if required.
Example: LFDC / 10” / 24” x 48” / HEPA


B12 white powder coat finish on the border and perforated face is standard for the LFDC. The LFDCSS features a #4 brushed stainless finish on exposed surfaces. This is particularly critical for pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical applications where surfaces must be vigorously cleaned to prevent biological growth. The optional volume control damper also features a B12 white powder coat finish.
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