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Price offers a variety of products with replaceable high efficiency filters. All filtered models are room-side replaceable and are equipped with an easily removable face, allowing for the replacement of the filter without access to the ceiling or ductwork. The filter is attached to the diffuser with four cam-type retainers which provide positive fastening and easy removal. A gel seal filter frame and knife-edge flange provide a leakproof seal between the filter and housing. Several grades of filter are offered, as per the chart on this page.

High efficiency filters for Price diffusers are a 2 in. (51) or 3 in. (76) thick separatorless construction in anodized aluminum frames. See next page for installation details.

The filter media is fabricated using a moisture-resistant microfine fiberglass that is formed into closely spaced pleats, held firmly in place with polyurethane sealant bead separators. This separatorless construction allows for more compact pleating of the pack than separator-type filters. Therefore, a 2 in. separatorless filter element contains approximately the same amount of media as a 6 in. deep separator-type filter. Separatorless filters are recommended for critical applications because the aluminum separators in separator-type filters can oxidize and contribute to particle contamination.

The room-side replaceable filter frame cavity is filled with a silicone gel seal designed to provide an airtight seal between the filter and the filter housing. The seal remains stable and self-healing under the most demanding conditions, yet allows the filter to be easily removed and replaced. The gel is highly self-adhesive and will not stick to the filter housing when the filter is removed.

  The filter frame cavity is 100% sealed, providing an airtight seal between the filter and the filter housing. The seal remains stable under the most strenuous circumstances.

Filters will be packaged separately from the filter housing and shipped directly from the filter manufacturer to the jobsite. This is to minimize the risk of damage to the filters during transportation and handling. Filters should be removed from their cartons and installed once the system has been cleaned and blown down with both roughing and pre-filters in place.

All installations should be operated with roughing (30% ASHRAE efficiency) and pre-filters (90% ASHRAE efficiency). It is recommended that these two stages be utilized, which will extend the high efficiencyin such a manner, the filter should provide years of service.

A periodic (annual) check of air flow is recommended. When the filter throughput declines to an unacceptable level due to particle accumulation, the filter should be replaced. Contact Price Customer Service for replacement information.
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