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Price FFU Series modules consist of a fan/motor assembly and high efficiency HEPA/ULPA filter. The modules are designed to provide filtered, unidirectional vertical air flow over a cleanroom space. Price fan filter units are recommended for use in all types of cleanroom environments – semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing facilities, as well as pharmaceutical and medical labs. The product is designed for use in Class 10 through Class 100,000 cleanroom spaces.

High capacity (FFU-HC) units offer the largest active filter area and the highest air flow capacity of all Price fan filter units. Removable filters allow for periodic filter changes (filter removal and replacement requires access to the ceiling plenum), and an expanded metal mesh screen protects the filter media from inadvertent damage during installation. Filter face is PSL tested post-assembly.

Room-Side-Removable (FFU/FFUSS) units offer the convenience and flexibility to periodically replace filters from the room-side of installed modules. All RSR units are PAO tested to ensure the knife-edge frame is completely sealed. Filters are latched in place such that the continuously welded knife-edge is embedded into the filter gel seal, creating a leak-proof barrier. Additional benefits include optional room-side removable motors and 3/8 in. NPT aerosol injection ports. Once installed, the filter is protected by a perforated face that is secured to the main assembly using quarter-turn fasteners.

ECM motor technology is an available option on all Price fan filter units. Key benefits of these motors include:
  • Lower energy use.
  • Lower operating temperatures.
  • Programmed to deliver constant air volume, independent of filter condition.
  • Quiet operation - High efficiency sound-absorbing foam liners and Motors mounted with vibration isolators.
  • Non-ducted modules are ETL certified to UL507 standard.
  • Ducted modules are ETL certified to UL1995 standard (with optional plenum rated polymer foam insulation).

Standard Features (all FFU types)
  • UL900 certified filters.
  • Integral fan/motor assembly. Blower wheel is directly driven by PSC thermally protected motor. Blower wheel is encased in an engineered enclosure to optimize capacity and reduce noise.
  • 25-30% efficient washable prefilter (MERV4).
  • Lined with foam insulation to reduce sound levels.
  • Solid state speed control.
  • Eyebolts at each plenum corner for support from above.
FFU-HC Unit Features
  • Replaceable HEPA (99.99% efficiency on 0.3 um particles) filter requires access above ceiling.
  • Expanded metal mesh screen protects filter media.
  • Largest active filter area.
  • Filter face is PSL Tested post-assembly.
FFU Room-Side Replaceable Features
  • Room-side replaceable HEPA filter (minimum 99.99% efficiency on 0.3 μm particles).
  • Knife-edge frame for gel filter seal.
  • Perforated laminar flow face with easy access ¼ turn fasteners.
  • All units factory PAO tested to ensure casing leakage is consistent with the filter.
  • Walkable Plenum (up to 250lbs) aluminum FFU.
  • Static pressure port.
  • 3/8 in. NPT aerosol injection port (optional).
  • Washable Pre-Filter (non-ducted units).
  Options (FFU and FFU-HC)
  • 1/3 HP ECM - energy efficient motor programmed for constant flow.
  • ULPA filter (minimum 99.9995% efficiency on 0.12 μm particles) – recommended with ECM motor.
  • 115V, 208V, 240V and 277V supply voltages (115, 240, 277 for ECM).
  • 10 in. or 12 in. diameter inlet collar for direct connection to conditioned air.
  • 8 ft power cord (115V, 277V (non-ducted)).
  • Ion bar for neutralizing static charges (optional).
  • Washable Pre-Filter (ducted units).

Construction / Finish


  • 14 gauge mill finish aluminum (optional powder coat finishes available.
  • 20 gauge stainless steel (2B polished finish) – RSR units only.
Face - HC Units
  • Aluminum frame w/expanded mesh screen protecting filter media.
Face - RSR Units
  • Aluminum perforated face – 16 gauge mill finish aluminum (optional powder coat or anodized finishes available).
  • Stainless steel perforated face – 20 gauge stainless steel (#4 brushed finish).
Performance Data
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