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Price Venturi Valves are pressure independent flow control valves, suitable for health care and laboratory spaces that require accurate room pressurization and proper directional air flow. The valve assembly consists of a venturi style outer body and an internal plunger assembly. The plunger assembly is engineered to maintain constant air flow through the valve at a given set-point or actuator position regardless of changes in duct static pressure (0 .6 in. w.c. – 3.0 in. w.c.).

As duct static pressure fluctuates, an engineered spring inside the plunger adjusts to either reduce or expand the area for air to pass, maintaining constant flow across the valve. Price Venturi Valves are able to provide turndown ratios in excess of 16:1 with no sacrifice in accuracy making them ideal for applications where air flow ranges are relatively wide.

Flow calibration and measurement
All valves are factory calibrated and available in either constant or variable air volume (VAV) configurations. VAV Price Venturi Valves will actuate to air flow set-points based on a controller command. Air volume delivered by the venturi valve can be determined through one of two possible methods; flow measurement with a cross-flow sensor or electronic flow feedback via a factory generated air flow characterization curve. The sensor solution provides a feedback signal based on the velocity and static pressure across the flow sensor. In contrast, the electronic flow feedback solution eliminates the need for a flow sensor as the valve controller is preprogrammed with flow vs. relative plunger position information. Eliminating the need for a cross-flow sensor is advantageous for applications where high airborne lint concentrations may contaminate and potentially impact the accuracy of air flow sensors.

Price Valves with silencers and/or reheat coils are tested as an assembly to ensure catalog performance data matches field performance.

The accuracy, high turndown ratios and flow metering options of the Price Venturi Valves make them ideal for use in isolation rooms, operating theaters, laboratories and patient room

  • Air Flow range 40 - 4500 cfm.
  • Units sizes : 8 in., 10 in., 12 in., 2 x 10 in., 2 x 12 in., 3 x 12 in.
  • Medium pressure range
    (0.6 in. - 3.0 in. w.c.)
  • 14 gauge aluminum welded construction
  • Stainless steel regulation spring and internal hardware
  • Teflon coated stainless steel shafts
  • Wear resistant bearings
  • Durable , robust construction
  • Casing leakage under 1%
  • Horizontal and vertical applications
  • External foam insulation included as standard for supply valve.
Options and accessories:
  • Reheat water coils, factory mounted to valve with transition section
  • Phenolic coating - body and cone - 2-3MIL (Heresite)
  • Flanged or slip style duct connections
  • Plastic SP300 or stainless steel cross flow sensor
  • Factory installed flow transducer
  • Electronic flow feedback module (LM)
  • Inlet or discharge silencers (see model VVAQ)

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