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Aluminum Construction ATG1
Heavy Duty Aluminum ATGH
Lightproof Heavy Duty
Aluminum Construction ATG2

PRICE ATG Series offer the largest free area possible with a completely sightproof or lightproof core. They are used in doors and partitions to allow air flow to a space that is not directly served by a ducted source of supply air or a ducted outlet for return or exhaust air.

ATG1 grilles have finely spaced blades for an attractive sightproof appearance and are designed for applications in doors or partitions with sections as thin as 1-3/8" (35).

ATG2 grilles have been designed for use in rooms that must be kept lightproof, such as a darkroom. Finished in flat black.

ATGH grilles feature rugged mandrel tube construction of heavy gauge extruded aluminum and have been designed for severe use applications.

Heavy duty steel construction.

Border Styles
A – Channel border, on-site framing by others
B – 1-1/4" (32) flat border, one-side only. Countersunk screwhole fastening.
C – 1-1/4" (32) flat border, one-side only. Concealed fastening (ATG1 only).
BF – 1-1/4" (32) flat border, both sides. Countersunk screwhole fastening.

Aluminum Powder Coat (ATG1, ATGH) B15
Black (ATG2) B17
For optional and special finishes see color matrix.

Models ATG 1
Models ATGH

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Size based on desired performance characteristics.
  2. Select Outlet Type by model number.
  3. Select Border Style (BF is standard).
  4. Select Finish.
Example: 24" x 24" / ATG1 / BF / B15

Available Sizes
6" x 4"
(152 x 102)
32" x 36"
(813 x 914)
* One piece
  • ATGH available up to maximum size of 48" x 30" (1219 x 762).
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