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Spiral Duct Register
Steel Construction SDG ST
Aluminum Construction SDG AL
Galvanized Steel SDG GV

Price SDG Spiral Duct Grilles were specifically designed to be mounted on round or spiral ducts without the use of any transitions. Gaskets placed at each end of the grille allow it to blend seamlessly with the duct. An additional gasket placed around the inlet provides an air seal between the grille and the duct. The SDG series is available in steel (SDG ST), galvanized steel (SDG GV) or aluminum (SDG AL) construction. The grilles come in double deflection arrangement and feature precise, high quality roll-formed blades and formed frames. The galvanized steel model (SDG GV) can be installed unpainted; it is also an excellent choice for applications where the grille needs to be field painted to match duct finish.
  • Available in either steel (SDG ST), galvanized steel (SDG GV) or aluminum (SDG AL) construction.
  • Double deflection core with individually adjustable airflow blades. The front blades are parallel to the short dimension.
  • 3/4” blade spacing.
  • Open cell foam gasket attached to the neck provides a tight seal around openings in the duct.
  • Closed cell foam end gasket conforms to any duct diameter.
  • Optional air scoop (AS) available.
  • Optional steel opposed blade damper (VCS3).
Mounting / Finish Options

Countersunk screwholes A
White Powder Coat B12
For optional and special finishes see color matrix.

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Size based on desired performance characteristics.
  2. Select Finish.
Example: 10" x 6" / SDG / GV

Recommended SDG Size for Minimum Duct Diameter
Duct Size (in) ø Min. Nom.
Width (in)
Max. Nom.
Width (in)
8" - 13" -- 4"
14" - 21" 4" 6"
22" - 31" 4" 8"
32" - 41" 4" 10"
42" - Over 4" 12"
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