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Product Information

View Performance Data 60/70
3/4" (19) Blade Spacing Models

Grille 60
Register w / Steel Damper 60D
w/ Aluminum Damper 60DAL

1/2" (13) Blade Spacing Models

Grille 70
Register w / Steel Damper 70D
w/ Aluminum Damper 70DAL

Mounting / Finish Options

Border Style
Surface Mount
  1-1/4" (32) Flat (Standard) F
  1-1/4" (32) Curved C
  1" (25) Narrow N
  T-Bar Lay-In Inverted 1" (25) T TB
Exposed Duct 15/16" (24) ED
  Panel Mounted TBP

Blade Orientation
Front blades parallel to Long Dimension L
Front blades parallel to Short Dimension S
Optional Mounting Frame

For F Border D
For C Border K
For N Border T

Countersunk screwholes c/w oval-head screws A
No screwholes Ø
Concealed Fastening C
Straight screwholes (ED border only) C

   White Powder Coat B12
  For optional and special finishes see color matrix.

Available Sizes
Minimum Maximum*
6" x 4"
(152 x 102)
36" x 96"
(914 x 2438)
* One piece
*Note the reduced core area of ED Border per dimensioned details. Corrections for performance data are included in the performance notes.
Fixed Louvers, 45° Deflection,
3/4" (19) Blade Spacing
Fixed Louvers, 45° Deflection,
1/2" (13) Blade Spacing
Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Size based on desired performance characteristics.
  2. Select Outlet Type by model number (core style, damper).
  3. Select Border Style according to installation requirements (C is standard).
  4. Select Blade Orientation.
  5. Select Module Size if TB Border selected.
    (Note: maximum duct size = module size - 2"(50))
  6. Select Mounting Frame if desired.
  7. Select Fastening Type (A is standard, n/a with TB Border).
  8. Select Finish.

Example: 22" x 22" / 60 / TB / L / 24" x 24" / B12

Application Recommendations:
Surface Mount – F Border, A Fastening.
T-Bar Lay-In – TB Border, Fastening n/a

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