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Heavy Duty Balancing Damper VCS5

Heavy Duty Balancing Damper is specifically designed for use with high capacity industrial grilles and diffusers such as model HCD, 150 and 300 series. Blades move simultaneously in opposite directions to allow for precise metering of the air while creating a minimal disturbance to the air flow. The damper comes with a positive screw type locking mechanism that immobilizes the blades once the desired damper set-point is achieved.

When ordered together with the supply grille the VCS5 damper is supplied factory mounted. The VCS5 attaches quickly and easily to the outlet frame with sheet metal screws facilitating field or warehouse installation.

Damper is face adjustable when used with HCD, 150 and 300 series of products.

Application Guidelines

The VCS5 industrial damper is recommended for any of the following conditions:

  • Outlet is subject to turbulent or nonuniform flow due to close proximity to duct fittings such as elbows, transitions or take offs, or close to the discharge of a supply fan
  • Outlet is subject to vibration due to close proximity with fans or other mechanical equipment
  • Air volume exceeding 2000 cfm
    Duct velocity exceeding 1000 fpm
  • Outlet length exceeding 24"
    Outlet width exceeding 18"
  • Painted, 18 gage steel damper blades and frames.
  • Welded steel frames.
  • Blade lock mechanism integrated into damper operator.
  • Blades hold position under high velocity and turbulent flow.
Avalable Sizes
6" x 4"
(152 x 102)
36" x 24"
(914 x 610)
• One-piece construction up to size 36x24.
• Larger damper supplied in sections.





VCS5 - Heavy Duty Damper c/w Screw Driver Operator

Locking Mechanism

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