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Price Thin Line Return Dissipaters are designed to provide solutions to HVAC noise control applications by supplying an attractive alternative to standard transfer grilles, with the added benefit of return air noise reduction. The aerodynamically designed internal geometry allows return air to flow through with minimal pressure drop and maximum attenuation performance. Price TLRD absorptive silencers are designed for return air applications. This low velocity configuration provides the highest insertion loss levels across the full range of frequencies. With a smooth aerodynamic surface throughout, these silencers are best suited for applications with velocities below 750 fpm.

  • Cataloged performance for transmission loss and insertion loss.
  • Powder coat paint option for enhanced appearance.
  • Slim engineered geometry to provide a compact design.
  • Optimized inlet radius for minimal pressure drop.
  • Highest quality welded construction.

Price absorptive Thin Line Return Dissipaters consist of a solid metal casing, perforated metal liner, and acoustic fiberglass media.
Max size one piece construction is 48x48. For ceiling lay-in application the TLRD is offered in 24x24 ceiling module size.

G – Galvanized (Default material)
SC – Satin Coat (Paintable)

Refer to TLRD section is Noise Control catalog for more details and performance data.


  1. Reduce plenum sound from entering occupied space through return air opening
  2. Minimize the transmission of mechanical equipment noise through transfer grilles

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