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Product Information - AE1/AE2VCS3


Volume Extractor AE 1
  AE 2
  • Gang operated curved blades move full open to full closed to provide flow diversion and volume control at duct take-offs.
  • Helps to bring even air distribution to the grille face minimizing, unwanted air jets and noise.

  • Cold rolled blades and frame
  • Available in two blade spacings:
    Blades 1" (25) on center -
    Model AE1
    Blades 2" (51) on center -
    Model AE2
  • Two blade orientation available:
    Blades parallel to short duct dimension - AE 1S and AE 2S
    Blades parallel to long duct dimension - AE 1L and AE 2L
  • Three operator types available:



No. 1




Manual Adjusting Lever—furnished at no extra cost if specified.

Maximum movement bar length = 36" (914)
Maximum blade length = 36" (914)
Maximum area = 4 sq. ft.
Two adjusting levers are furnished when blade length exceeds 16" (406)
No. 3




The key operated mechanism for operation through the grille face allows full adjustment without removing the grille face. The capacity limitations of the key operated mechanism govern the size limitations as listed below.

Maximum movement bar length = 30" (762)
Maximum blade length = 16" (406)
Maximum area = 2 sq. ft.
No. 4




Manual, externally controlled adjusting rod, complete with set screw lock. This operator rod assembly is designed and recommended for all oversize volume extractors and should be specified when Damper Area exceeds the 4 sq. ft area limitation.

Maximum movement bar length = 60" (1524)
Maximum blade length = 36" (914)
Maximum area = 6 sq. ft.
Two adjusting rods are supplied when blade length exceeds 24" (610)
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