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The Price PCV is designed as a pressure control valve to regulate duct pressure in a VAV or VVT system.

The PCV uses either a field calibrated electric or PIC DDC controller to ensure that over or under pressurization of the duct will not occur.

Typical Applications
The PCV can be used as either a bypass unit or as a throttling device

In the bypass application, static pressure is normally measured 2/3 down the longest duct run. The PCV will bypass main supply air to a plenum or air handler return to maintain duct static pressure at a constant setting.

In the throttling (or "downstream") application, placing a static pressure sensor downstream of a PCV unit will allow for control of the pressure supplied to the VAV diffusers. The control valve is designed to maintain duct static pressure through adjustment of a control damper.

Construction PCV
  • Rectangular ducts constructed of
    22 gauge zinc-coated steel.
  • Round ducts constructed of 24 gauge
    zinc-coated steel.
  • Damper fabricated from 22 gauge
    zinc-coated steel, mechanically fastened.
  • Damper shaft, sensor and all fasteners exposed to air flow are type 304 stainless steel.
  • Damper shaft bearings and damper gasket are polyethylene.
  • Controller cover and all external metal components are zinc-coated steel.
  • SP300 sensor.

Sequence of Operation –
Constant pressure, by-pass
  • On an increase in duct static pressure the controller/actuator will open the VAV damper to increase the amount of air bypassed.
  • On a decrease in duct static pressure the controller/actuator will close the VAV damper to reduce the amount of air bypassed.
  • Duct static pressure is held constant.

PCV controllers require field calibration of the duct static pressure set-point. Controllers are factory set at a default value of 0.3 in. w.g.

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Size based on airflow requirement.
  2. Select PCV.
  Example: 16 x 15 PCV or 8 PCV
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