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Price RTD Series Radial Twist Diffuser is a unique diffuser with simple construction and superior performance. Sixteen radial slots formed out of a thick gage steel face produce a high induction horizontal vortex of air traveling out from the face of the diffuser. The supply air vortex due to its induction properties rapidly mixes with the room air producing excellent uniformity of temperature in the conditioned space. The RTD combines excellent air mixing capabilities with low NC values throughout its cataloged range.

The RTD is extremely effective at mixing supply and room air over a wide range of airflows, making it an ideal choice for VAV applications with high turndown ratios. Due to it's extremely low noise level and short throw the RTD is ideal for spaces requiring high air change rates. The RTD can be used in both heating and cooling applications creating a highly desirable, draft free thermal environment in occupied spaces.


  • Office spaces, Labs, Patient rooms


  • RTD/ST = Steel face and plenum
  • RTD/AL = Aluminum face, steel plenum.
  • Painted with B12 White, highly durable powder coat paint.


  • Choice of three round dampers (VCR7, VCR8 or VCR9).


  • 16 radial pattern air slots with fixed horizontal deflectors
  • 24x24 T-bar mount module
  • 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" round inlets
  • Removable plug in the center of the face provides access to round damper.

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Diffuser Type RTD.
  2. Select Inlet Size.

Example: RTD / 10

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