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Radial Diffuser, Horizontal


The Price RDH Series of radial outlets, manufactured by Krantz Komponeten®, produce a high induction swirl air pattern. There are twelve vanes radiating from the center. The underside of these blades is flush with the ceiling the diffuser is mounted in, resulting in an architecturally pleasing installation.


  • Diffuser, radial air discharge pattern.
  • Produces strong horizontal air jet, even at low air flow rates.
  • Suitable for installation in ceilings 7 to 15 feet high.
  • Low sound levels.
  • Radial vanes are flush with the surrounding surface.
  • Diffuser is secured in place using central fastening screw, easily removed from room side.
  • Available as standard in 24 in.x24 in. square panel; optional circular.
  • Can also be used as a return air inlet.




Available Sizes
  10”ø (250mm)*
12”ø (300mm)*
14”ø (355mm)*
* Factory mounted in a 24”x24”
(600mm x 600mm) steel panel
(optional aluminum panel available)


White Powder Coat

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select diffuser type based on desired throw and room layout.
  2. Select diffuser size based on desired performance characteristics.
  3. Select Finish.

Example: RDH / 24 x 24/ 8

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