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Steel Construction SMX
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The PRICE SMX / AMX Series of louvered high induction directional diffusers are specifically designed to solve difficult high cooling load problems. Internally mounted discharge vanes are engineered to create a high rate of induction that will rapidly mix warm room air with cool, supply air. This rapid mixing quickly equalizes the temperature differential between the two air masses, thus minimizing the chance of uncomfortable drafts.

One, 2, 3 and 4 way blows are available in a variety of sizes to ensure the right amount of air is delivered where it is needed, with comfort.

For Fire-Rated applications see Series SMX-FR.



Inlet View

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Duct Size based on desired performance characteristics.
  2. Select Face Size based on ceiling module (Lay-In applications only).
  3. Select Diffuser type by model number (SMX - Steel, AMX - Aluminum).
  4. Select Frame / Panel style according to installation requirements.
  5. Select Core Style based on application.
  6. Select Opposed Blade Damper (3 - Steel, 3AL - Aluminum, AMX only), Square to Round adaptor (SR) or both (SR3 - Steel damper, 3AL - aluminum damper, AMX only).
  7. Select inlet diameter for square to round adaptor.
  8. Select rounded core corners (RCC), offset neck (ON) or both (RCCON).
  9. Select Finish.

Example: 12" x 12" / SMX / 1 / 4A / B12

Available Duct Sizes
Price SMX / AMX louvered high induction directional diffusers are available in duct sizes from 6" x 6" to 24" x 24" in 3" increments. Round inlet sizes are available by utilizing the square to round neck adaptor type SR and SR3. Diffuser size recommendations for T-bar lay-in applications are listed.

Rounded Core Corners - A radius is provided on diffuser core corners to eliminate sharp edges on the diffuser face. Suitable in applications where cleanability and wipe down of the diffuser face is important. This reduces the risk of cleaning materials catching and tearing on corners.

Offset Neck - This optional diffuser neck opening is sized to fit, nominal duct + 1/16” instead of the standard neck opening, nominal - 1/8”. This can reduce the risk of excessive air leakage by fastening the duct inside the diffuser neck.

  • This diffuser is ideally suited to any high cooling load commercial application, such as perimeter zone office spaces, auditoriums, convention centers, meeting rooms, restaurants, health care facilities etc.
  • SMX - Steel construction (except style 6, 33 frames - extruded aluminum frame).
  • AMX - Extruded aluminum construction. For styles 3P, 4P, 17P steel frame and panel standard. Optional aluminum frame and panel in style 3PAL, 4PAL, 17PAL.
  • Steel (SMX) and aluminum (AMX) mixing vanes fixed to the back of louvers.
  • Optional opposed blade damper in steel (3) or aluminum (3AL - AMX only) construction.
  • Optional rounded core corners eliminate sharp corners on diffuser face.
  • Optional offset neck (steel - SMX, aluminum - AMX) fits outside duct.
  • Optional SR / SR3 square to round adaptor coated steel.


White Powder Coat



Optional Damper - steel



For optional and special finishes
see color matrix.

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