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Steel Construction  

4-way air pattern


Aluminum Construction

4-way pattern


Price SPDLT Series low temperature square plaque diffuser is designed to distribute low temperature supply air to spaces that need to satisfy both architectural appeal and air distribution performance criteria. The simple, clean and unobstructive face design is intended to blend in with most ceiling systems.

The SPDLT Series provides a 4 way projection, with a tight horizontal ceiling pattern. The SPDLT Series incorporates an Induction Chamber (IC), which is designed to deliver high velocity thin air jets through tapered metal discharge slots. The tapered slots efficiently convert static pressure to velocity pressure, causing a high rate of induction of room air and rapid mixing of the low temperature air. The thin air jets wash across the aerodynamically shaped face of the diffuser backpan in concert with the plaque face, resulting in a tight horizontal air pattern even at reduced flow conditions. The 4 way directional air pattern combined with the high velocity from the discharge slots also ensures sufficient throw is maintained at low flow conditions.

The good horizontal air pattern and rapid mixing of the Price Series SPDLT ensure comfort is maintained in the occupied space with low temperature supply air.

In addition to providing superb air distribution, the tapered air nozzles of the IC are configured to optimize acoustical performance and low pressure drop. The unit features all metal construction without the use of plastic components. The plaque face is sturdily suspended by four heavy gauge metal legs that lock into the diffuser backpan.

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select inlet diameter based on desired performance characteristics.
  2. Select face size based on ceiling module.
  3. Select diffuser type by model number (Material).
  4. Select border style according to installation requirements.
  5. Select finish.

Example: 10' / 24"x24" / SPDLT / 1 / B12

Construction features incorporated into the SPDLT diffuser that are designed to reduce risk of condensation include:
  • Diffuser backpan is thermally protected and sealed with 3/4" dual density insulation with foil facing to prevent condensation in the unconditioned plenum space.
  • The IC is thermally lined with 1/2" foil face insulation.
  • The upstream side of the square plaque is thermally lined to prevent condensation forming on the face of the plaque.

Standard Finish - White Powder Coat


Special Finishes - Available upon request


For optional and special finishes
see color matrix.

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