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Fixed Air Pattern  
Steel Construction SCD
Aluminized Steel Construction SCD AS
Aluminum Construction ASCD

PRICE SCD / ASCD Series square cone diffusers are the most efficient for any ceiling application. The diffuser delivers supply air in a true 360° radial horizontal air pattern, making it ideal for VAV applications. The special contour design of the diffuser cones protects the ceiling and prevents smudging and streaking associated with many other types of ceiling diffusers.

For Fire-Rated applications see Series SCD-FR.



Model SCD
(steel) / ASCD
(aluminum) 3 Cone

Model SCD / ASCD
4 Cone (available in
24" x 24" Face size only)

  • Choice of steel (SCD), aluminized steel (SCD AS) or aluminum (ASCD) construction.
  • Cones are one-piece die-formed with smooth, aerodynamically designed surfaces and no corner joints.
  • All sizes are available with 3 concentric cones (3C).
  • Optional 4 cone model available in 24 in. x 24 in. / 600 x 600 face size for aesthetic considerations (4C).
  • Inner cone sub-assembly features a special lock arrangement for fast, easy installation and removal without special tools.
  • Excellent performance for VAV applications.
  • Complete range of available accessory dampers, equalizing grids, etc.
  • Optional insulated backpan (Style 31 T-bar and 4TS only).
  • Optional steel panels available with steel models (SCD/SCDA).
  • Optional beaded extended neck (2.5 in. tall) for easy flex duct connection BN.
    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Inlet diameter based on desired performance characteristics.
  2. Select Face Size based on ceiling module.
  3. Select Diffuser type by model number (Material).
  4. Select Border/Panel styleaccording to installation requirements.
  5. Select Volume Control accessories, if desired.
  6. Select Number of Cones desired (3C is standard).
  7. Select Finish.

Example: 8" / 24" x 24" / SCD / 31 / 3C / B12
Application Recommendations:
Border and Panel recommendations.

White Powder Coat B12
For optional and special finishes
see color matrix.

Available Module Sizes
Imperial Metric
24" x 24" 600 x 600
20" x 20" 500 x 500
12" x 12" 300 x 300
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