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The PCFD Series perforated face ceiling diffusers, manufactured by Krantz Komponenten, provide a strong horizontal air pattern with a superior coanda effect making it an excellent choice for VAV applications. The unique design of the PCFD creates a uniform distribution of air over the entire face and creates a full 360° radial discharge pattern. The full radial pattern greatly reduces the chance of dust and dirt in the entrained room air being deposited on the ceiling or diffuser face. The strong coanda formed by this diffuser virtually eliminate dumping even at low air flows and supply air temperatures making this diffuser an excellent choice for VAV applications. Another advantage of the full radial pattern is the reduction of throw. The PCFD has the shortest throw of any other ceiling diffuser in the industry. This is a benefit for applications with high air change rates as diffusers can be placed closer together without creating drafts in the occupied zone. The PCFD is intended to be installed in t-bar grid ceilings.




  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Perforated face with 0.1 in. [2.8 mm] holes on 0.22 in. [5.5 mm] centers.
  • Uniform 360° radial discharge pattern reduces the chance of smudging.
  • Provides high level of thermal comfort
  • Quiet operation across the entire catalogued airflow range.
  • Suitable for mounting in T-bar ceilings up to 14 feet high
  • Two designs available suitable for
    24 in. x 24 in. or 600 x 600 ceiling grids
  • Can be used as a return outlet
  • Excellent for VAV application.


RAL White Powder Coat


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