Unitee Series

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Design Objectives
Unitee Ceiling Systems were developed as a cost-competitive alternative to solid and narrow screw-slot extruded aluminum T-bar systems. Assembled by means of patented two-piece clips, Unitee is
an aesthetically pleasing system that accom­modates low-cost square-edge Lay-in acoustic panels.

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Unitee Ceiling Systems can be used in any retail, commercial or public space where steel Ts or other unsealed extruded aluminum ceiling products would be installed.

Fully Accessible
A major feature of Unitee Series is that it can be easily removed and reinstalled to provide access to the plenum space. Occasionally mechanical or electrical equipment fail, requiring large areas of the ceiling to be removed. Some applications require that the entire ceiling be removed for cleaning the plenum space above the ceiling. Unitee Series uses the Price two-piece Universal Assembly Clips, which allow the grid to be easily removed and reinstalled.

  • Accepts square-edge Lay-in panels; panels are easily installed and removed for full plenum access.
  • Unique connector clips provide rapid installation of ceiling members.
  • Continuous screw slots for attaching partitions without damaging ceiling members.
  • Thru-slot intersections for aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Design flexibility - several profiles to choose from in any module size.
  • Extruded aluminum construction for clean, crisp lines, maximum durability and rust-proof performance. Choice of painted or anodized finishes.

The standard finish for Unitee Series is B12 White Powder Coat.

For optional and special finishes including anodizing see color matrix.

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Profile Number based on design conditions.
  2. Select Ceiling Panel type.
  3. Select Finish B12 or other (specify).

Note: Drawings must be provided showing designer's reflected ceiling plan, and air distribution and lighting layouts.

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